5 ways to increase employee engagement

Here’s how to cultivate an engaged workforce that’s more involved, committed, and productive.

Employee retention and productivity are key goals for any leader. But neither is possible if employees aren’t enthusiastic and activity engaged with their work and workplace. Try these effective strategies that will improve engagement, encourage empowerment, and ultimately boost productivity.

1. Offer to help/ be a mentor
As a leader you have a wealth of experience that could help those in your team who are having a difficult time or finding it hard to get to the next work level. Look back on your rise up the ranks and you’ll notice that there were a lot of helping hands along the way. So it’s important you do the same for others as well. Being a mentor also means you’re building a personal connect and cultivating that relationship. This will help make the team member personally invested in his/her job and increase loyalty towards you, the boss. It increases their level of engagement at work and makes them believe they’re valued.

2. Encourage employees to speak their minds
Employee productivity and engagement is bound to be low of employees feel they need to blindly follow orders and toe the company line at all times. If employees hold back you’re loosing out on valuable ideas and solutions that could further push the business ahead. A healthy dialogue is essential for employee and company growth. So as a leader you need to cultivate an atmosphere where employees feel they can speak up without being shot down, criticised or judged. Make yourself approachable and make them feel comfortable enough to speak their minds in front of you. This sort of open communication motivates employees to be involved and is likely to lead to increased innovation.

3. Invest in social events
One way of making employees feel emotionally invested in their jobs is to nurture a closer connection between colleagues. Help them get to know each other better by balancing out their hard work with some fun, social activities. It’s also important that you use this time to get to know them personally and connect with them as well. So have weekly team dinners or organise regular potlucks or make it a point to celebrate festive occasions together. There are a host of things you can organise; the idea is to get the team to spend time together away from work so as to build interpersonal relationships. These relationships are also key towards building a successful team.

4. Recognise and reward employees
Make an effort to regularly knowledge the good work being done by your teams. It’s a great way to keep employees motivated, engaged and interested in performance. It shows that you are aware of the hard work they are putting in and value their contribution to the organisation. Knowing they are valued is a big boost for most people and it encourages them to push a little bit harder at work.

5. Pay attention to the onboarding of new hires
Capitalise on the enthusiasm and positivity that new employees have. Pair them up with a senior colleague who can show them the ropes and help them acclimatise to the new work environment and company culture. As a leader, be available to meet new employees and answer any questions they might have. This will help them work well during what would otherwise be a stressful time. It also creates a positive first impression of the team and the company, and makes the new employees feel they made the right decision to move there. This is a great way to encourage employee engagement from day one.

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