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VMware launches new ‘AirWatch’ data centre in India to improve mobility offerings

The move is intended to help it meet the ever growing demand for enterprise mobility management solutions in the country.

In an announcement on Monday, leading cloud infrastructure and business mobility development firm VMware launched its first data centre in India, named ‘AirWatch,’ which is designed to provide the company’s industry-leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) technology to other businesses, so that they can offer the same mobility to their employees.

Sales Director of End-User Computing at VMware India Sangeeta Giri stated that with the launch of its India data centre, VMware would be able to provide its advanced ‘AirWatch’ technology to more and more organisations to help them develop and secure their digital workspaces for their employees.

The technology has already been helping several organisations all over the world improve their efficiency and cost-effectiveness using its cloud-based EMM, and now, the Indian data centre will further help drive an increase in scalability, automatic upgrades, updates, and extensive integration with enterprise systems for its customers.

According to Giri, the expansion of VMware’s data centres repertoire is integral in allowing the organisation to keep up with the ever expanding demand and continue providing enterprise mobility management solutions in local as well as global locations.

In addition to that, this also sets the stage for digital workspaces to be offered by the organisation through the VMware ‘Workspace ONE’ enterprise platform, which is powered by the VMware ‘AirWatch’ technology. Using it, employees will be able to use IT tools, applications and devices safely and securely, eliminating any risk of compromise.

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