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Unveiling the cars of the future

These stunning electric concept cars from the BMW Group will make you make you wish the future was now! By Shweta Gandhi

To celebrate 100 years of excellent engineering and magnificent motoring, BMW Group has gone back to the drawing board and come up with futuristic concept vehicles for its brands. Take a look at the BMWs, Rolls-Royces and Minis of the future.


BMW Vision Next 100
In this visionary vehicle, BMW has taken up the idea of a car as a digital companion. The car has an artificial intelligence system called Companion that will strive to learn everything about the driver, through continuous data sharing. This will enable the car to intuitively respond and understand the needs and preferences of the driver, making it a dream to drive. The cars of the future will clearly be fully autonomous. So there’s the ‘ease’ mode for fully automated driving, that lets the driver sit back and relax, converting the interiors into a comfort area. Then there’s the ‘boost’ mode where the driver can step in for some sporty driving. Another feature is alive geometry, which allows the driver to see oncoming objects on the analogue dashboard. It also shape shifts around corners, uses technology to see through obstructed views, and has a host of sensors and radar equipment to further smoothen out the drive.

Mini Vision Next 100
Fun and quirky are the key words for this concept car that can change its colour depending on the driver’s mood! The manufacturers expect car/ridesharing to be pretty common and the Mini has been built to be shared. Like the BMW concept car, this one also has a fully autonomous option. You can call the car to where you are using an app, and let the car drive you to your destination. The AI built into the car is called Cooperize and culls your preferences and stores them on the cloud for future use. Other cool features include the fact that the car doors slide open and close, a steering wheel that can slide across between the driver and passenger, an ‘inspire me’ button that prompts it to make cool recommendations, and a windshield that doubles up as a display. Unique and fun, what more can you ask for?


Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100
Keeping in mind the famous Rolls-Royce design, its futuristic vision showcases a luxurious dream come true: a driverless car with its own personal AI assistant called Eleanor. Eleanor is like a digital chauffeur and butler rolled into one, seamlessly guiding the car owner through all desires. She can give information about the trip, upcoming appointments, bring the car around when you’re ready to go, and so much more. The car’s interiors recreate a grand sanctuary, with a silk sofa that seats two, a giant OLED display, and a discreet compartment to store luggage. Every owner can customise their Rolls-Royce to suit their personal taste, thanks to the innovative manufacturing technologies. This will create a vehicle is truly unique and bespoke. 

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