Top 8 Unusual Bars of the World

These unusual bars of the world will surely make you tipsy with their weird interiors and concepts even before you grab a glass of drink.


1. Ice bar, Stockholm
This bar is literally the coolest bar of all, which will completely take you by surprise. It is touted to be the first permanent ice bar in the world, where the interiors were created with ice from Torne Alv in Jukkasjarvi. Be it chairs, walls or tables, everything is made up of ice except for the liquids. The temperature is kept at a constant -7 degrees Celsius. It also offers a myriad of ice related activities like IceKids and Ice Wedding, to name a few. Fortunately, you can borrow gloves while you are there. Its freezing ambience will surely send chills down to your spine.


2. Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico
The largest underground cave restaurant and bar in the world, the Alux Caverna Lounge is heaven for those who have a weakness for the alluring mysteries and spookiness of caves, which is the essence of this lounge. The cavern is more than 10,000 years old, promising you a guaranteed magical evening where you would like to lose yourself sans any fear. The rugged setting, the overgrowing rocks, sets of different lights, and elegant sitting and dining areas further complement the natural setting of the bar.


3. Camp bar, Brooklyn
Visiting this bar is like taking a trip down memory lane. The summer camp setting of this bar is sure to make you nostalgic, bringing back fond memories of your childhood. The ambience of the bar perfectly captures the mood of a countryside locale. The overstuffed arm chair by the fireplace, board game competitions, shareable snacks like s’mores, mounted deer on the wall, handpicked indie rock music, and their creamy vanilla martini topped with a hot marshmallow complete the exquisite experience that this bar guarantees.


4. Dive Bar, Sacramento
Dive into the tranquil, cool, and serene ambience of Dive Bar and get wet with memories. The bar is set in a huge, 7,500 gallon aquarium where beautiful live mermaids make an occasional appearance adding to the bar’s uniqueness. The dueling pianos and white LED flex tape lighting the natural brick on the walls add to the charm of the bar’s beautiful setting.


5. Unicorn bar, Seattle
If you love the larger than life, lively vibes of a carnival, then this bar is for you. As soon as you step inside, the décor of this brilliantly themed bar will immediately make you feel like you are attending a grand old fair. With carnival food, pin arcades, photo booths and whimsical cocktails, the bar leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that you get transformed back to your childhood, in the midst of a fantastic carnival-like setting.


6. Blue Lagoon Bar, Iceland
Few things could be as relaxing as sipping on a tall drink while taking a nice, long bath. Set at the heart of the Icelandic landscape, the Blue Lagoon Bar is an oasis of relaxation that provides various activities, even including a number of manmade waterfall steam rooms. What left us spellbound, however, was their lagoon bar which provides access to drinks even while bathing. While you could take a break and go inside for more options, it’s highly doubtful you’d want to, as you can sip on wine and beer without even leaving the water.


7. Madame Claude Bar, Berlin
Located in a former brothel, the Madame Claude Bar is one of the most unusual bars in the world, where you have to look up to find the furniture. In this upside down bar, the entire ceiling is decorated with furniture fixed to it, creating an illusion of being seated on the ceiling rather than on the floor. This unique gravity defying concept is sure to make you wonder if you’re drunk even before your very first sip.


8. H.R Giger Bar, Switzerland
This bar has created a niche for itself by taking its uniqueness to a whole different level. The interior of this bar will surely astonish you with its cavernous, skeletal structure covered by double arches of vertebrae that crisscross the ceiling. Once inside, you will feel transported to the other side of the world. If the feeling of being inside the belly of a fossilized beast, does not seem daunting to you, this is the bar for you! 

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