Top 7 home decor trends for 2016

Welcome the season’s new look—from statement pieces to clean, fresh, minimalist soft tones adding a natural feel to a busy city life. By Shweta Gandhi


#1 The statement chandelier
Leave your walls and ceilings bare and shift the attention to a majestic, shiny chandelier that hangs right in the middle in your room. Pick colours like grey, silver, gold or black for a luxurious feel, and opt for neutral colours for your wall to tone down the excess.
Photograph courtesy: Z-lite Aranya


#2 Rattan
Sustainable living is on everyones mind at the moment, and if you want to create an eco-fashion statement, try incorporating some rattan in your home. From furniture to lighting to accessories, there’s a lot to pick from.
Photograph courtesy: Home Styles


#3 Black metal finish
The black metal finishes add a certain sophistication to an otherwise minimally-furnished room. This trend is being seen in lamps, ceiling fans, clocks, bathroom fixtures and even flatware. Blend it with wood and glass or let it stand alone to create an exceptionally modernistic look.
Photograph courtesy: Vera Wang


#4 Monochrome
Black and white is the oldest and perhaps the most elegant combination of two opposite hues. This trend is timeless and can be integrated with soft tones and even against strong colours.
Photograph courtesy: Planet Decor


#5 Fresh nautical prints
Add these motifs in your bedsheets, pillowcases, table covers or cushion covers to incorporate a seaside and coastal feel to your city home. Mix with poppy reds or azure blues for a fresh feel or a palette of greys for a contemporary touch.
Photograph courtesy: The Pillow Collection


#6 Natural colours in the kitchen
Having natural hues in your kitchen will make it warm and homely. These colours are soft and inviting, and since they aren’t overpowering they will stand the test of time. Think earthy, creamy, sandy and stone colours, and add a touch of luscious green to create an impact.


#7 Uncluttered and minimalist
Heavy, layered furnishings are no longer in vogue—‘less is more’ is the mantra for 2016. That translates into pale whites, beige and cream hues for walls, wooden floorings and fixtures, with lots of empty spaces providing a clean and minimalist feel. Works well in terms of Feng Shui too!
Photograph courtesy: Jinkazamah/Creative Commons 

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