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Top 5 limited edition fountain pens for the modern man

Add these exquisitely crafted limited edition pens to your wishlist for a companion that will last a lifetime. By Satyaki Sarkar

1. Tibaldi Bentley GT Blue Fountain Pen
The Blue Tibaldi Bentley GT is one of the brand’s most exquisite pens till date, honouring the Continental GT Bentley model. Coming in a Silverlake blue shade, among others, this elegant fountain pen combines a robust and solid brass base along with a rhodium plated trim, perfectly representing the essence of the car it embodies. The beautifully lacquered barrel has two side panels, giving it an exceptional, layered texture, while the 18 carat gold nib, with the characteristic Bentley logo emblazoned on it, gives the finishing touches to this must have collector’s item.
Price: Rs 45,771 (approx)

2. Montegrappa La Traviata limited edition Sterling Silver Fountain Pen
The La Traviata, yet another one from Montegrappa’s exquisitely crafted Sterling Silver line of pens, honours La Traviata, written by the famous Italian Opera composer Giuseppe Verdi. The handcrafted burin-engraved barrel depicts a portrait of Violetta Vallery, the protagonist of the opera. The nib is made of 18 carat white gold with yellow gold design elements and is accentuated by a unique red lacquered wooden presentation. The silk-screened paint, finished with ribbons and theatrical drapery add to the grandeur of this beautiful pen.
Price: Rs 81,691 (approx)


3. Waterford Lismore Platinum-plated Fountain Pen with 18k gold
This impeccably designed fountain pen continues Waterford’s long tradition of hand-cut crystal to craft a pen that is truly a work of art. It is inspired by the architecture of Lismore Castle. The beautifully diamond cut wedges in the solid brass barrel incorporate the turrets and battlements of the castle, and are finished off with a highly polished platinum plating. The 18-carat, bi-colour gold nib completes this timeless pen, making it the pride of the one who possesses it and the envy of others.
Price: Rs 24,408 (approx)

4. David Oscarson Jacques De Molay Medium Fountain Pen
Seven hundred years after Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, was arrested and burned at the stake, his refusal to betray and damn his order was commemorated by David Oscarson through this exquisitely crafted pen. Available in fountain and rollerball versions, the pen is covered in emblems of the Templars, including an engraving of their seal: two knights on one horse, a reminder of the order’s initial poverty. Made from 18-carat white gold coated with a layer of translucent hard enamel, the pen features over 30 carats of black and white diamonds embedded on its body. There’s a white gold nib plated with rhodium and tipped with iridium in order to ensure durability.
Price: Rs 2,64,498 (approx)

5. Jean Pierre Lepine Titanic Black Pink Gold Finish Fountain Pen
This unusually designed masterpiece pays homage to the Titanic. The pen is crafted using oxidised steel, that is made by fusing steel from the Titanic wreck along with that supplied by the Harland and Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, where the original ship was built. The unique pen has a cap shaped like a vent from the ocean liner, with the pink gold nib engraved with a silhouette of the Titanic, clearly visible through the opening in the top, through the sapphire glass covering. The body is adorned with several portholes, and comes with a transparent ink fountain through which the ink and piston can be seen. The lower part of the pen also features a propeller similar to the Titanic’s underneath the steerage of the ship, protected by a sapphire glass cover.
Price: Rs 4,63,888 (approx) 

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