Top 10 cool features in iOS 10

The new iOS update has many new features, some more hidden than the rest. We dig around to find the best for you.

1. Turn your camera into a magnifying glass
A great new accessibility feature, your camera now also doubles up as a magnifying glass. To enable this feature go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier, and toggle to On. Now, every time you triple tap the Home button the camera will automatically open in the magnifier option. You can then adjust the magnification level to what you desire.

2. Send GIFs directly in Messages
The Messages app has undergone quite an overhaul with cool new features being added. One of these is being able to send GIFs directly through the Messages app. Open a message window, tap on the Apps icon on the bottom left and you’ll find a long list of fun GIFs to use.

3. Send handwritten notes and doodles in Messages
Messages gets a digital touch interface that gives you the option to scribble out a short message. Open a message window, tap on the Apps icon on the bottom left and look for the finger drawing a squiggly line on the right. Tap on it, select the your colour of choice and get writing/doodling.

4. Send Invisible Ink messages and photos
This feature helps protect your messages from prying eyes. It blurs out the message sent so the recipient has to rub around it to reveal it clearly. To send one, type out your message and long press on the send button. The message will automatically become blurred, both on your phone and the recipient’s. The message will again become blurry a few moments after a reveal. This works on pictures too.

5. Mark up pictures
You can now add fun handwritten text to images as well. Select an image, tab on the filters tab at the bottom, then look for the icon that has three dots in a circle on the top left, tap on it and select the mark up option. After that the photo is your canvas.

6. Preview option for YouTube, webpages, etc in Messages
Links sent in Messages now come with previews like they do on Facebook Messenger. It gives you a better idea of the linked page and if it’s a YouTube link you don’t need to switch apps to see the video. The player is displayed inline. Quite helpful.

7. You can close all Safari tabs at once
In case you’re done of those who tends to have over 20 tabs open in Safari, closing them all can be a pain. But iOS 10 thankfully has a solution for that. In Safari, open a new tab, tap on the Done button and hold it down till a menu pops up with the option to close all tabs. Simple!

8. Unlimited Safari tabs
However, if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to close a single Safari tab, iOS 10 has got you covered too. Users can literally open up an unlimited number of Safari tabs!

9. Calendar automatically finds and adds events
Through the ‘found events’ feature, the apps automatically searches through mails and messages to suggest events that you might want to add to your calendar. If you want to disable this option, head to Settings > Calendar > Events Found in Apps and toggle to Off.

10. Siri can announce who’s calling while you’re using headphones or Bluetooth
If you’re listening to music via your headphones or through a speaker system via Bluetooth it can get annoying to have to check and see whose calling. Now, Siri can announce the name of the caller for you. Activate this feature by visiting Settings > Phone > Announce Calls. You can choose from multiple options as to which situations warrant the announcement. 

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