Tips to help you to build a great leadership legacy

It’s time you asked yourself what the future holds and start building a legacy that lasts. By Priya Prakasan

Leaders work hard to sustain growth and drive their organisations to success, while at the same time creating a stimulating and satisfying workplace for their employees. While some leaders are able to create a lasting impact, leaving behind a legacy that changes how organisations work, others quietly fade away into the distance. And it has a lot to do with how you develop, build and instil that legacy in your organisation. Here are some tips that will help you do just that.

Support and consistently coaching of future leaders
In order to build leadership legacy, apart from focusing on the present, you also need to direct your energy towards the future of the organisation. Who will take over your torch, carry forward your vision and galvanise people into action. You need to work closely with the talent in your team to identify potential leaders and coach and mentor them. One way to do this is through a grooming and coaching program, which should include mentoring, education and support. This will help you develop a team of leaders who will take your vision forward and translate it into activities that will take the organisation to another level.

Delegate, delegate
This is part of building a team you can trust to deliver. By delegating you’re contributing to individual as well as business growth. Delegating work is an effective way to achieve goals, as well as show support by recognising the talent within your team. It is also a great way to build trust. Your team will value you as a strong, supportive leader, while your company will view you as a leader providing business growth. You’re also leaving yourself free to participate in the big picture discussions, redraw strategies, and creating touchstones that will work as guides for your workforce.

Effective communication
Communication is a key leadership skill and is especially necessary when trying to develop and nurture your leadership legacy. It involves working closely with people and being a masterful storyteller who unifies them around a common purpose and inspires them in to action. Also, how far does your power of influence reach? Do you have strategies in place to communicate your message beyond your work force and immediate peers? Are you able to provoke action from senior leaders and others higher up in the organisation? It’s time relook at your communication strategy so as to widen your circle of influence.

Anticipate crises
Another way to discover the path to your own leadership legacy is anticipating potential crises and being ready to deal with them. You will have to invest time to also make your team crisis-ready, take risks, analyse a complex problem and figure out a way to respond to it. This way you will be involved proactively in preserving a legacy during difficult times while also pursuing new growth opportunities. You’ll be keeping your workforce challenged, engaged and inspired.

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