Tips to help you retain IT talent

Follow these strategies to keep attrition low and build a team of quality employees.

Attracting top talent and retaining it is an important part of a CIO’s role. As leaders they can help create a culture than will inspire and motivate employees to be better engaged with their work. Here’s how leaders can build and retain tech talent.

Be clear about what you expect
Employees expect their bosses to assign out tasks and projects after detailed consideration. But sadly this isn’t always the case. We’ve all reported to bosses who’ve frequently changed their minds and interrupted an effective workflow. This isn’t a habit you should continue. Your employees are already inundated with work; every time there’s a change it means that much more work and realignment of thoughts, skills, and attitude. This lack of clarity will also affect the evaluation of their performance. So you need to be clear about their responsibilities and give well thought out missions if you want to retained skilled employees.

Invest in employee development
If you’ve hired superstars, you need to give them challenging assignments, help them gain leadership skills, and mentor them. Provide opportunities for innovation and growth. Leaders need to invest time and effort in creating a development plan for employee advancement. Tap into your employees’ goals and see how you can help them get there. By helping them advance you’re benefiting the company by not only retaining good talent but also building the next generation of leaders who can take the company to new heights.

Don’t micromanage
Empower your employees to take charge of their work and be accountable for the outcomes. Micromanaging is a harmful habit that slows down employees’ execution and stifles their innovation, which leads to poor performance. It also makes them unable to take independent decisions. Plus, if you’re openly distrustful of employees, chances are they won’t have much faith in you as a leader. None of this is good for a healthy working relationship. So give your employees autonomy wherever possible, and shift from being a manager to a leader.

Foster honest dialogue
Cultivate an atmosphere where all employees, irrespective of seniority, feel free to approach you with their concerns, ideas, and feedback. It’s a great way to build employee engagement and good leaders understand the value of keeping the door open to receive this kind of feedback. It showcases your inclusive nature and is a great way for employees to feel that they are a part of something bigger. It also results in innovative ideas, new perspectives and potential solutions to challenging situations. Open, honest dialogue also fosters trust and collaboration, both of which encourage employee satisfaction.

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