Tips for achieving a better professional and personal life

Sanjay Verma, Head Technology, JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd, shares how he manages a healthy work-life balance. By Pooja Paryani

If there’s one thing that Sanjay Verma’s 24 years in the industry have taught him, it’s that you’re only as good as your team. Sanjay has worked in leadership positions in various verticals like cement, textile, FMCG, steel, MNC banking, and service industries. During this time, he’s learnt how to be an effective leader. But he’s also learnt that what you do with your time outside the office also counts a lot. “Every CIO tries his level best to deliver the finest performance at work,” says Sanjay. “Looking at the competitive environment and the hard work required, we often have to give more time to the office. It then becomes difficult to spend quality time with family. This is a fine balance that every CIO struggles with as family responsibilities are not to be taken lightly. And money or luxuries cannot make up for your lack of presence.

“When it comes to the work, you have to also have a good office life. And having a good rapport with your co-workers and team members goes a long way towards improve life in the office. Here are some tips on how you can ensure your work life and home life are productive, harmonious, and fun.”

What to do at a professional level

Be their co-worker not their leader
“To handle the team well, I choose to be their co-worker and not their leader. Being a leader creates a barrier between your team and you; it’s an uncomfortable zone. Whereas being a subordinate gives me a chance to be closer to them and be a part of the teamwork.”

Reach out to your team
“To know your team better, you have to reach out. If I’m travelling I am expected to be in control of any project that is left. So I am always in touch with the team to know not just the progress of the assignment but also about their well being. If I know their state of mind I can better judge how things are going to work out. Plus, they are my responsibility, therefore my concern.” 

Offer a helping hand
“Offering your team a helping hand to sail out of a sticky situation is the sign of a good leader. You have to present yourself in a way that your team should not hesitate to approach you in case they need any help. It helps the work get done more smoothly.”

Socialise with your team
“You also need to socialise with your team outside the office. That’s another essential part of the role. I take my team out fortnightly and we party. It is a good time to get to know them more.”

Make a personal connection
“My team knows that I’m also available to talk to them about personal issues. I always try to listen to them patiently and put myself in their shoes to understand the situation better. And if they ask for it I offer my solution to the problem. I have almost 50 people in my team, including consultants, etc, and I maintain a good connect with all of them.”

Make them part of something important
“Whenever I have an important/big presentation to make, I take one to two people from my team with me. It makes them more aware about their work responsibilities and their importance. If they come along they feel they are getting a boost in their career growth. This also helps in team retention.”

Ask for feedback
“It’s important to have a better understanding of yourself as a leader. So once a year my team takes part in an anonymous survey. It’s usually about how they feel about their work, the organisation and their team leader, ie me. This helps me improve and understand my team better.”

What to do on a personal level

Find a hobby
“Often work pressure and other responsibilities make you feel anxious and distracted. You need to find a way to destress so that you don’t take that home with you. A good colleague of mine introduced me to golf and it’s really helped. You need to have a hobby that brings you joy and helps cut out the negative. I even share my hobby with my family; sometimes my son joins me in playing and my wife accompanies us.”

Make time for friends
“Socialising with friends really helps you relax and unwind. So I make it a point to meet them; we chat, party and share knowledge. Friends also help you deal with your challenges and the exchange of ideas is really beneficial.”

Socialise with peers
“On some weekends I go for golf with my CIO friends. We talk, share work problems and find solutions through discussions. It is a great way to enjoy each others’ company and discuss career stuff at the same time; it’s a better venue than the office! Sometimes I even call my team members who are interested in golf and sponsor their game.”

‘Me time’ is important too
“After work, family and friends, me time is also equally important for me. To stay fit and energised at work, I walk and do yoga every day. It lifts up my mood, helps me stay calm and mentally and physically fit.” 

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    Arun Verma

    Bhaiya chaaa gaye.... very proud of you .Give ur level best and achive the bestest position in your industry.. ALL THE BEST..

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