Things to do on Sunday to have a productive week ahead

Master these Sunday habits so that you’re rebooted, refreshed, and ready for a successful week.

1. Prep for the week ahead
This one seems like a no brainer. But chances are it gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list because it sounds like more work. Mapping out your week is a great way to be in control of your work life, not lose focus, and ensure you have enough time for family and me-time. So take a few minutes out of your Sunday to sit down with your list of tasks and a calendar. Slot all the meetings, deadlines, milestones, and appointments for the week ahead. Also pencil in the person stuff, like time for the gym/yoga or even a hobby, movie night, a date night with your partner, some quality time with the kids, etc. Once you’ve got it all down you’ll have a better idea of the week ahead, maybe juggle things around so that one day isn’t chock full of deadlines or put together a plan do deal with those tough days.

2. Set aside some me-time
We all need some time apart to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate our mind. Try to set aside some time in the morning for this much needed me-time. It’s great if you can do this every day. If not make it a point to do so on the weekend. Engage in a hobby, read, workout, do yoga…any activity that you’re interested in and can help you clear your mind of the work clutter. This dedicated time will revitalise your mind and senses so that you approach the work week with better emotional equilibrium.

3. Eat healthy
Most people tend to indulge themselves over the weekend, consuming rich food and alcohol, seeing it as way to treat themselves after a long week. But doing so on a Sunday will set you up for a lethargic food coma on a Monday, when you should be alert and at your most productive. Alcohol is dehydrating and makes you sluggish, so instead fill your glass with plenty of water. Fill your plate with complex carbs and lean protein to give yourself energy, and toss in a few high-fibre fruits to help in digestion and make you feel full. Do this and your body will be at its best on Monday morning.

4. Schedule something interesting for the day
Even if you’re the sort who likes to morph into a couch potato over the weekend, we suggest you consciously set aside some time for some fun activities or micro adventures. Slotting an interesting activity will give you something to look forward to all week, improve your mood and drive home some personal satisfaction. Find something that connects you with the people you love, try out a new restaurant, go for a hike, try an adventure sport, buy tickets for play or a musical; the idea is to do something you haven’t done before or otherwise wouldn’t do. Adding some pleasure to your Sunday will significantly improve your mood before and after the weekend.

5. Go device-free
To make the most of your Sunday, make time for a digital detox. That’s not to say you should be device-free all day, instead schedule short blocks of time when you will check emails and social media, respond to messages, and return calls. This way you’re staying away from stressors yet still staying accessible. The part digital detox will help you plan to unwind, refocus and recharge.

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