TCS announces partnership with Nexperia to improve its digital core

The partnership is expected to help TCS scale up its applications and infrastructure services massively

Leading IT services firm TCS announced on Thursday, May 25, that they have entered into a partnership with Nexperia, a global leader in the semiconductor industry, in order to scale up and improve its applications and infrastructure services repertoire.

Nexperia expects that the partnership would help them improve TCS’ digital core by utilising its end-to-end enterprise application stack, which is hosted on the TCS Cloud.

  1. Rajanna, Vice President, TCS , also stated that the IT giant’s expertise in the Semiconductor industry, in addition to its vast knowledge of the parent company would also help them drive immense value for Nexperia.

TCS would also start offering in-memory analytics via the TCS cloud as part of the partnership, which would help Nexperia gain an even deeper knowledge and insight about the business and in turn, support the company.

Sabyasachi Bose, Chief Information Officer, Nexperia, stated that being one of the leading brands developing discrete components in the world, it is the company’s goal to continue to continue delivering dependable and revolutionary products to its customers. In light of that, he added, TCS would contribute immensely by means of providing a single point of accountability, expansion, and adaptability to adjust to the constantly fluctuating needs of the business.

Photograph: Akki17690/Creative Commons 

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