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Tata Communications launches three new private cloud nodes in Germany, the UAE and Malaysia

The move is aimed at helping them expand their private cloud footprint in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, capitalising on the huge potential market in the regions

On Monday, June 20, Tata Communications announced the expansion of its cloud services repertoire to cover Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific, by launching three new nodes designed for its IZO Private Cloud service. The move is intended to allow the company to take advantage of the $80 billion market that exists in these regions by supporting hybrid cloud adoption by organisations, while securing compliance with regulations.

According to a statement by the company, the nodes, located in Germany, the UAE and Malaysia, give CIOs complete control over all of their applications by means of an actual hybrid, high- performance IT infrastructure in which several collocation, cloud, and managed hosting environments can simultaneously work on the same task.

Nowadays, one of the biggest factors hindering an enterprise’s digital transformation is the complex environment created by when a range of clouds operate in silos, which is usually the norm. This is exactly the problem that the fully-managed IZO Private Cloud service tackles, by providing CIOs with a way to combine enterprise-grade security with the flexibility of public cloud, to create a truly hybrid IT environment. Additionally, it also allows them to completely control data residency, besides providing employees with a mobile, collaborative, and social way of working, thereby satisfying their demands as well.

While IZO Private Cloud currently covers as many as 13 locations, Tata Communications already has private cloud nodes in several countries, including India, the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The new nodes are designed to assist organisations in industries which have exceptionally strict regulatory requirements, such as aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, media, banking, IT, financial services and insurance, retail and ecommerce.

Srinivasan CR, Senior Vice President, Global Product Management & Data Centre Services at Tata Communications stated that the advancement of enterprises in today’s digital economy is usually led by cloud-based applications and data, in spite of which, their safety and controllability continues to be a major concern for CIOs. This is why Tata Communications is trying to address that concern by providing CIOs with total visibility and sovereignty over their entire IT setup.

Photograph: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr 

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