“Strengthen your mind and have power over it”

Manish Sinha, Head IT, Vectus Industries Ltd, on how one can harness the power of the mind to control it and our future. By Shweta Gandhi

Manish Sinha believes life has a lot of offer and we need to be aware of the opportunities around us to be able to utilise them to the fullest. This includes harnessing the power of your mind to achieve success. Manish has 12 years of experience in the areas of strategic planning and management, IT operations, IT infrastructure management, people management, project management, business continuity planning, and process improvement. He was recently awarded as a CRM Icon at CIO Power List 2016.

While Manish is currently the Head of IT at Vectus Industries, he also conducts mind programming workshops, called ArtIntelligence, in which he trains people to have a better hold of their lives by becoming aware of their mind processes. “ArtIntelligence is formed with a vision to make every failure a success and create opportunities and joy for everyone irrespective of cast, creed and nation,” quotes Manish. Their philosophy is “So What, You Will Win”, and they share empowering messages to inspire people who feel they are stuck in their lives. “I have successfully conducted this workshop at various reputed organisations, NGOs, schools and colleges. I even gave this workshop for convicts at Tihar Jail, New Delhi and received a phenomenal response,” says Manish. Here, he tells us more about these workshops.

Decoding the reason for failure
“When the mind is weak, the situation is a problem. When the mind is balanced, the situation is a challenge, and when the mind is strong, the situation becomes an opportunity. To make the mind strong and sensor opportunities, we should know how to tackle this tricky object. We know that we all work with the mind, but do we really pay attention, at any point of time, to how the mind works? All of us can point to almost all parts of our body, where then is our mind? We take our mind for granted and even blame it for our shortcomings. Every time a decision is made in life, we go back to our mind, refer to the past, the present and calculate future projections to decide. I think we have become a slave to our mind, because of which we are unable to move beyond our current situations and remain stuck.”

Training the mind
“What if we were to train our mind, strengthen it and make it work for us? I use the process of Reverse Engineering in my workshops— this explores the responsible routine thought pattern of a person for his or her failure. Furthermore, with the help of Subconscious Mind Reprogramming we find a way to change these thought patterns and convert them into an autopilot program to ensure a successful life. This is done using exciting techniques, tips, tricks and practical exercises in the workshop so that an individual is able to realise where he’s missing out. If this is as part of a daily routine, then the person can build a fortune—irrespective of their current social, physical, economic or emotional condition. The workshop presents logical, straightforward and practical lessons that ensure a thriving, success-driven culture that translates into an exceptional return on investment on yourself.”

Understanding the mind
“As the mind thinks in terms of pictures and images, if I were to ask you to close your eyes and recall the following things from your life, ie your first day at school, your college canteen, your first boss, masala dosa, etc then your mind will supply you all these in terms of pictures rather than spellings. The conclusion is that we want to achieve goals, but how many times in a day do we supply the goal’s image to our mind? The difference in the workings of our conscious and subconscious mind can be summed up as this: the conscious mind chooses, accepts or rejects, originates a thought, and lets ideas flow from our five senses. The five senses feed information to the conscious mind throughout the day and this distracts our attention from our goal, which could be project delivery, team management or risk analysis. Meanwhile, the subconscious mind can’t think for itself, so it chooses to accept instead of rejecting thoughts, and most importantly, it can’t distinguish between real or imagined. A thought that you’ll impress on this part of the mind over and over again will become a habit. Furthermore, our feelings and actions are caused by the subconscious mind as well, and if we balance our thoughts, feelings and actions, it will ensure 100 per cent success in whatever we do.”

Applying this information
“To achieve our 100 per cent, we have to go back to the base, ie thought that first comes in our conscious mind. If it accepts it, then the brain cells start travelling in that direction. For example, if you get a call from your chairman and he is very angry with you over a decision you made, then what happens first? Since this information is coming through your senses, ie hearing, if you accept anger in your conscious mind, it then triggers your feelings, and the result would be frustration and tension. However, a situation like this can be averted with a formula of 17 seconds—every thought has a frequency, and it takes 17 seconds to get matured and attract feelings and then action.

“The key is a shift of your conscious thoughts at that moment for 17 seconds towards another thought that you want for, eg the goal you want to achieve. But be cautioned here that you must have an image of that goal with you—either on your desk, on your cell, a small sticker on your watch or a goal card (like a visiting card) in your wallet or pocket. Focus on that for 17 seconds and that will change your mood. Extend it for 17 more seconds, and your neurons will change the direction from anger, guilt and frustration to the joy, peace and love that you would get after achieving your goal. Remember that the key part is the image, as the mind understands images more.” 

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