These simple hacks will transform your work life

Incorporate these habits into your daily routine to get more done and work towards success.

1. Eat that frog in the morning
Mark Twain once said, “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” The basic idea is that you should do the biggest or hardest task first thing in the day. Your brain is working at top speed in the morning and will be better prepared to handle a tough task then. Plus getting the task done will immediately put you in a more positive frame of mind and motivate you to tackle the other tasks.

2. Create schedules not deadlines
When approaching any sizeable project it’s important to create a timetable around it. Set clear, achievable milestones leading up to the final deadline. Rather than one big looming deadline you’ve now created smaller ones that are more manageable. This way everyone knows what they’re working towards on a daily basis and are better prepared to handle anything that goes awry. This is equally true of personal goals as well. Set yourself the task of reading two new books a month? Put aside time to read 30 pages every day. With your new smaller goals, you’ll be done with a 300-page book in just 10 days.

3. Set reminders
This one might seem obvious, but a lot of executives tend to skip doing this. And they’re left with one too many things to remember and at times miss out on important calls or other tasks. Scheduling a call with someone? Follow it up with a calendar invite so that neither of you forgets, you have one less thing to remember, are better organised and therefore on top of things. Set alarms for other smaller tasks on your to-do list as well. The idea is to work smart so that you aren’t wasting your brainpower.

4. Don’t multi-task
Successful people don’t try to juggle more than one big task at a time. Multi-tasking means your mind is busy paying attention to different things and not paying 100 per cent attention to the task at hand. That increases the time to get the tasks done. It also increases the possibility of errors. That’s the last thing you need and it doesn’t seem like a very productive thing to do.

5. Build your personal brand
Senior executives need to have a brand as well as a reputation. So raise your profile by highlighting your skills, grow your influence within the organisation, speak at public forums, write articles, build your online presence, and network. You need a strong brand presence to differentiate yourself from your peers, especially when it comes to competing for a job. It also helps you stand out as a thought leader, people understand what you bring to the table, and see you as someone with influence in the industry.

6. Carve out personal time
Technology has made it such that we’re hooked up to the office 24×7. This has made it harder to detach from work and spend quality time with the family as well as with yourself. Both are essential to have a health work-life balance. Plus, your body needs a break even while you are in the office. So work to include some ‘me time’ during the day. Establish a one-hour lunch routine away from your desk, where you don’t take calls or answer emails. At teatime step away from your desk and do a few simple stretches that ease out the kinks in your back, neck and shoulders. Incorporate a fitness routine that sees you exercise after work or early in the morning. And ensure you give attention to the family when you’re at home and especially over the weekend.

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