Quick tips for maintaining a fit lifestyle

Seshadri J, Senior Director – IT, Vertiv Co aka Emerson Network Power, talks about the power of staying fit and how it can transform your life. By Satyaki Sarkar

As the Senior Director-IT at Vertiv Co aka Emerson Network Power India, Seshadri J is the architect behind the IT functions of the APAC region, and as such, his days have long to-do lists, numerous meetings, and high-stress situations that take a mental and physical toll. Over the years, he’s found that integrating exercise and physical fitness into his daily routine is a great way to prepare himself for the rigours of his job as well as maintain a healthy work-life balance.

“Maintaining our fitness and staying healthy has to be like second nature to us, like a daily habit,” says Seshadri. “It isn’t about bodybuilding or toning abs and muscles, but it’s about being healthy and agile. It has a direct correlation with success, productivity, mental sharpness, and agility, and even elevates your mood at work and at home. That’s why it’s an important step toward maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Most of us face several red signals in life, and because of that stress builds up inside us regularly. Over time it ends up harming us. Staying fit not only helps you deal with that stress, but also helps you build more stamina and energy, making you productive at work and at home. When you feel good physically, you can stay calm and composed in the face of anything, and are able to come up with good solutions.”

Set a routine
“Getting fit doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym every day. My fitness regimen is structured to be regular, involving a few repetitive physical activities, each of which has a purpose. I do two or three different activities so as to break the monotony and not lose motivation. I like walking and yoga, both of which are immensely helpful in staying fit. Since weekdays are extremely busy, I try to practice a few simple yoga exercises early in the morning every day. As I get more time on the weekends, I make it a point to go for a brisk jog or walk on both days. And I play a game of badminton at least twice I week.”

You’re not too busy for fitness
“A lot of people struggle with finding time for fitness. But, truth be told, it actually isn’t all that difficult if you are really intent on it. Since weekdays tend to be busy, make a note of your schedule and see where you can make time. Try to wake up a few minutes early and devote that time to yoga or a few light exercises. This is a good idea as mornings are the best time to exercise, as that’s when you are the most energetic and there is a lot of clean, fresh air. Consider that, instead of at the end of the day, when you are already tired, and boredom and lethargy inevitably make you want to skip it. So, exercise with a purpose and you will maintain the routine.”

Eat right
“Along with exercise, food plays an important part in living a healthy life. Eating right is something more people are paying attention to now, and that’s an excellent thing. The idea is to not overdo anything, whether it’s food or drinks. Know how your body works, what it needs, what suits you, what to avoid, and set a diet for yourself.

Give your body rest
“Another factor that people often forget, is that in order to stay fit, relaxing is as important, if not more, as exercising. Our body needs time to recover and rejuvenate, so it’s crucial that your body the gets amount of rest it needs. So, sleep well, make a conscious effort to relax during the day, and if needed set aside some time to relax when you get home from work. Learn to treat your body well.”

Regular check-ups are a must
“Physical check-ups are something that very few people pay heed to. There is a thumb rule I follow in every aspect of my life: What you can measure is what you can manage. And when it comes to your health, regular physical check-ups are the only way you can measure and know how healthy you are and what you can do about it. Our body works in a number of mysterious ways, and many times there might not be any symptoms to let you know something is wrong. This is what makes getting regular check-ups so incredibly important, because they enable you to know exactly what is going on with your body, and how to improve and manage it.” 

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