Quick exercises to do at home during the monsoon

Break a sweat and stay in shape even during the wet season with our handy guide to indoor workouts.
By Pooja Paryani

Not everything goes as per plan during the monsoon, least of all your fitness regimen. So if you’ve been missing out on your regular walks, jogs, cycle runs or sessions at the gym, fret not. We’ve put together a simple exercise routine that you can do in the comfort of you home without a gym trainer; just a little bit of open space is all you need.

Start with a quick warm-up routine. This is essential as it gets your muscles ready for the exercises to come. Here’s our guide to a five-minute warm-up routine.

Spot jogging
This is a great cardiovascular exercise that also benefits your musculoskeletal system. It especially works your quadriceps, calf muscles and hamstring muscles, and builds endurance. All these benefits for just jogging in place in your home. Remember to start off slowly and increase the pace only once you are comfortable. Otherwise you’re likely to risk injuring your knees and ankles. Try to keep up the pace and jog continuously for longer periods of time. Do this exercise for about 10 minutes.

Again an easy exercise that can be done anywhere. Squats not only help build leg muscles but your whole body. They improve upper and lower body strength, strengthen the heart and bones, increase cardiovascular fitness, stamina and agility, and help with better posture and balance.

Stand with your legs shoulder-width part, head facing forward and chest up and out. Bring your hands up straight in front of you to help you balance. You can bend your elbows if you wish. Sit back and down, pretend like you’re sitting in an imaginary chair. Don’t round your back, let it arch slightly. Lower yourself till your thighs are parallel to the floor and your knees should be above your ankles, don’t let them push far out. Rest your weight on your heels. Hold for a second and come back up. Do 10 reps like this, and increase to 20 reps as you get better.

Jumping Rope
This is a great way to burn calories, increase stamina, get quicker reflexes, strengthen the heart and improve overall coordination. It’s a cardio exercise that elevates your heart rate with less damage to the knees. Jumping also builds bone density, helping keep osteoporosis at bay.

Make sure to pick up the right-sized rope, place a foot at the centre of the rope and pull the handles up; they shouldn’t go past your armpits. Hold the handles, bend your knees and elbows a bit and start with the rope behind you. Swing the rope from your wrists in an arch and jump to skim over the rope. Land on the balls of your feet; don’t slam your weight on your heels. Repeat the jump. Keep going till you get tired out; then drop the rope and keep moving your legs and arms. Try to work towards 140 successive jumps. Remember to take care of your knees, hips and ankles, as the strain will be on these. Jump rope for 10 minutes as part of the routine.

Last but not the least, lunges also build and strengthen your leg and back muscles. They especially help you tone your lower body and maintain balance, make hip muscles more flexible and keep the spinal cord healthy.

Stand with your shoulder back, arms at your side. Step forward with your left leg and lower your hips so that both knees are bent. Your left knee should be aligned with the left ankle. Your right heel should be off the floor, your back and body straight, and abs pulled in. Remember to not lean forward. Come back the start position and repeat with the other leg. Do 10 reps with each leg and increase to 20 as you get better.

Once your workout is done, remember to do a few cool down stretches. This is an important step as muscles shorten when they get tired and stretching them during the cool down brings them back to their relaxed position. Here’s our guide to a quick cool down routine.

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