Powerful TED Talks for women leaders

These videos share some interesting insights on success, leadership and the change that’s needed for a more inclusive work culture.

Casey Brown: Know Your Worth, and Then Ask for it
This is a practical, helpful talk from pricing consultant Casey Brown on how to clearly define your value and better communicate it to your superiors so you can finally be paid what you are worth. Casey says that we are underpaid because we are unable to communicate our actual worth. We often don’t believe in ourselves and therefore are uncomfortable to speak up and ask for more pay. We let our doubts and fears take control of the situation and let them define us as well as our earning potential. Instead Casey suggests we sit down and frankly evaluate ourselves by asking key value questions and let that determine the price we seek.
Watch it here.

Anne-Marie Slaughter: Can We All “Have it All”?
Public policy expert Anne-Marie Slaughter addresses the age old question of work-life balance and touches on the struggles women face being daughters/wives/mothers as well as professionals in their own right. However, Anne-Marie stresses that real equality “means valuing family just as much as work and understanding that the two reinforce each other.” She goes on to add that full equality isn’t about “valuing women on male terms”. Rather it involves creating a “wider range of equally respected choices for women and for men”. A must-watch TED Talk for women trying to balance both sides.
Watch it here.

Dame Stephanie Shirley: Why do Ambitious Women Have Flat Heads?
This is an inspiring talk from a woman who was a refugee during World War II and went on to start her own software company in the 1960s, breaking gender barriers, challenging and changing how women were perceived in the industry and in that age. Stephanie talks about issues she dealt with head on, emerging stronger and victorious. “You can always tell ambitious women by the shape of our heads,” she says. “They’re flat on top for being patted patronisingly. And we have larger feet to stand away from the kitchen sink.”
Watch it here.

Brené Brown: The Power of Vulnerability
In this TED Talk, renowned research professor Dr Brené Brown gives her no-holes-bared opinion on our relationship with vulnerability, self-worth, and courage. Brown reveals how vulnerability does not make you weak, rather it’s the birthplace of trust, integrity, creativity, compassion, courage, and authenticity. All attributes progressive workplaces look for in their look for in their leaders. As part of her research Brené realised that the most courageous were those that fully embraced their vulnerability, who allowed themselves to be imperfect, and were kind towards themselves as well as others. The idea is to let go of perfection, to realise the unrealistic and move on, and not tie our sense of self-worth to factors outside ourselves.
Watch it here. 

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