“People are shocked that I delve in astrology”

Sabyasachi Chakraborty Thakur, CIO, Century Plyboards (I) Limited, tells us how a man who deals with hard data came to also believe in astrology. By Pooja Paryani

A skilled IT professional, Sabyasachi Chakraborty Thakur has worked in varied industry verticals, including financial services, pharma, retail and FMCGs. His experience as a CIO spans 13 years and his key areas of expertise include business–IT strategy alignment, SAP retail project implementations in supply chain domain, IT infrastructure, BI, CRM, security compliance, and service delivery. He was recently awarded as an Analytics Icon at CIO Power List 2016.

What many might not know, is that for the last 20 years this man of science has also been actively studying the patterns and relationships between celestial bodies and human affairs, ie astrology. With time and practice Sabyasachi has honed his skills in  the art of astrology and he tells us more about this passion.

The beginning
“I never believed in astrology, until my office boy, who was an astrologer, changed my thoughts on it. He revealed so many things that were not known to anyone. He predicted my nature and past life just through astrology. It blew my mind and I became curious to learn more about it. I realised that there is something above logic that is applied in this science and I need to know about it.

“I kick-started my education in astrology in 1994 and started reading about it. This science has a different process and it has to be done in a particular way. So I did everything properly and tried my hand at predicting things. Gradually I learnt that many of the predictions that I was making were turning out to be true. ”

How it works
“I’d say astrology is a pseudo science. The relative positions of celestial objects determine a person’s nature. It involves study of these objects and the person in question to arrive at a probably conclusion. These calculations are based on the theory of positions, velocity and connections of the stars. These findings will never give you a 100 per cent correct review of the life or behaviour, but they are sometimes very close. I believe that ultimately you cannot change someone’s destiny. What and how you think can also sometimes affect the things happening in your life. I do not believe in wearing stones; doing good deeds will bring good fortune.”

Belief in astrology
“Many years ago, I did consulted a few astrologers and there were positive and negative experiences. Some astrologers saw things about me when I was 12 years old that were totally right; that was one incident. Someone else predicted my SSC results and even details about a particular subject. Finally, the incident with the office boy happened and I got serious about this topic. I actually went to some well-known astrologers to know more about it. I started by first experimented on myself.

“I have personally experienced that predictions through astrology on human personality and timing of events turn out to be true most of the time and it has helped me overcome the negatives. I have found out solutions for myself during the toughest times. It is not a fake or false science. Though there’s no proof, the astro logic works and that helps you believe in it. Just like we don’t know if there’s a god, but we still go to temples.”

People’s reactions
“It is just my hobby, but people sometimes are amazed as they see no connection between it and my IT career. But when I started explaining the basis of predictions , even sceptics agreed that there is some science and logic involved in the study. My family has been very supportive in this and I get time and space to do this.”

Advice for those looking to visit astrologers
“Before visiting an astrologer please read up or check all his details. Because these days there are several people who have started this as a business and do not really do real predictions. Most importantly, do not get affected by the negative predictions. Positive and negative times are a part of one’s life; and you can always overcome the negative. Astrology will just give you indications about your weaknesses and strengths. So you should always concentrate on your strengths. Take the weaknesses or negatives as added knowledge and work to strengthen yourself and your skills.” 

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