5 must-watch TED Talks on Artificial Intelligence

Discover the potential and power of AI and machine learning with these insightful talks.

Sam Harris

1. Sam Harris: ‘Can we build AI without losing control over it?’
In this fascinating TED Talk, neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris addresses a question we’ve heard time and again—Why do we need to worry about AI? Sam explains how smarter machines are a given; it’s not possible that we will stop developing and improving our technology. It’s inevitable that we will at some point create superintelligent AI. How far away is that scenario?  What happens then? How does humanity deal with such a development and what will be the consequences? Sam tries to put forth a few answers.
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Zeynep Tufekci

2. Zeynep Tufekci: ‘Machine intelligence makes human morals more important’
With machine intelligence is a reality, techno-sociologist Zeynep Tufekci cautions us about “outsourcing our responsibility to machines”. We’re using computing to make a host of decisions, some of which have no ‘right’ answers. For example, we’re using AI to figure out which candidate to hire and which convict will reoffend. Zeynep says machine learning is like a black box, with its predictive power, but we don’t understand it. How then can we make sure it isn’t “doing something shady”? She emphasises the need for algorithmic accountability, auditing, and transparency so that we own up to our moral responsibility when using AI.
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Ray Kurzweil

3. Ray Kurzweil: ‘Get ready for hybrid thinking’
Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil discusses the possibility of nanobots in our brain that connect it directly to the cloud helping us increase our brain power in seconds. We could tap into this extra thinking power at will. Our thinking will thus be a “hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking” that will give us the power to take a big leap ahead. When does Ray think this will happen? By the 2030s.
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Kevin Kelly

4. Kevin Kelly: ‘How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution’
Digital visionary Kevin Kelly elaborates how AI is one of the larger trends that will drive and influence developments in society. Since this is a given, Kevin believes it’s important to embrace AI and all that it’s brings so that we are better able to “steer the specifics”. To do this, Kevin says we need to understand three key aspects of this trend. Watch his engrossing TED Talk to know what they are.
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Noriko Arai

5. Noriko Arai: ‘Can a robot pass a university entrance exam?’
Noriko Arai and her team are behind the Todai Robot who has been built to pass the University of Tokyo’s entrance exams. It’s performed 80 per cent better than the students who also sat for the exams. That’s impressive considering Todai can’t read. It’s just good at searches and can make inferences from its findings to give the answer. So what does this mean for human education, asks Noriko.
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