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Momenus Food Service Private Limited Wins HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Award

Mumbai, India – March 15, 2017 – Amidst a gathering of eminent CIOs, angel investors, industry stalwarts, VCs, and corporate heads, Momenus Food Service Private Limited ( has been recognised with HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Award, which champions innovation and enterprise.

This was the third edition of the Hot 100 Awards, which honour startups providing unique and disruptive technology solutions that work, deliver real benefits, are innovative and potentially address the market at large. This year saw a significant number of entries and the 23 jury member panel was hard pressed to select the winners whose creative use of technology made them stand out. Entries were received from a wide array of fields, from Cloud and Data Analytics to Healthcare, Education, Social Media, eCommerce, IoT, and BFSI, among others.

Winners of the HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Awards were determined by public voting coupled with scores from an eminent pan-India jury panel. The panel comprised industry stalwarts—CIOs, Investors, Analysts, Commentators and Industry Leaders—who allocated scores and basis their expertise finalised the winners. Selection is made by evaluating the startup’s technological innovation, team strength, opportunity size, and product value proposition. The HOT 100 Awards are a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit, and seek to recognise and reward India’s most dynamic enterprise-focused startup businesses. Having earned this validation and honour, startups have a platform through which they can introduce their company to the world.

HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Awards were presented to 100 innovative startups.

“Through the Hot100 Awards we have curate the most validated, trustworthy and promising technology startups in the country,” said Anoop Mathur, Founder & President, Centre Of Recognition & Excellence. “This is done with the help of the CIO community, Angel Investors and the ICT Ecosystem Mentors. I’m very excited for the winners who demonstrated innovation and excellence, with outstanding achievements. I congratulate them on winning this elite tag.”

Momenus works as a service provider by creating an online platform between customer and food business to optimise supply chain and reduce food waste. It is an online social network of food businesses (Individual or Institution) for sharing food items. This patented system and method solves the problem in real time with dynamic pricing, which saves lead time between food supply and distribution, simultaneously reducing food waste. Cost of food item can be dynamic based on defined prices by supplier in different time interval and can be free in case there is chances of getting it thrown in scrap.

“We believe in fresh food reaching everyone every time. In fact, at the heart of our business vision is free food for every needy person, “says Abhishek Chaubey, Founder, Momenus. “We offer solutions for waste management in the household and food business, through the ingenious use of scraps and leftovers.”

There exists a mechanism of imbalances around us. These imbalances are numerous, affecting almost every strata of the society and millions across the globe. Uncontrolled food usage by few leads to scarcity for many. Our water was already impure, now it is so scarce that many regions around the world are facing acute water shortage. Climate change is messing with the regular flow of seasons, playing around with and often devastating the annual harvest.

Our vision involving food security is entirely unique and we encourage people to share food with others, which encourages intelligent budgeting, reduces wastage or valuable resources and also greater community interaction.

KPMG is the knowledge partner for HOT 100 2017.

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