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Microsoft boosts its product line with localised version of Azure cloud service

The new service is designed to cater to businesses needing both Azure cloud and a localised version of it.

An all new service launched by Microsoft Corp on Monday, July 10, now lets its cloud technology be used by customers on their own servers, in a view to boost its give its products an added edge over competitors like Alphabet Inc’s Google and Inc. In doing this, the technology giant is attempting to capitalise on customers who aren’t looking to migrate their computing operations to the cloud, which is made up of a number of massive shared data centers.

Azure, the cloud-computing platform built by Microsoft, comes a close second to Amazon Web Services, according to several market share studies. According to Microsoft’s executive vice president of worldwide commercial business, Judson Althoff, what sets Azure apart from its competitors in the cloud platform domain is the fact that it offers support for true hybrid solutions.

Microsoft also stated that the new servers and equipment required for running the service would be provided to it by Dell EMC, Lenovo Group Ltd and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co, and in the month of September, the first shipments would be shipped to customers.

Corporate vice president of Azure Julia White said that the new service, known as Azure Stack, is not an alternative to one’s legacy private cloud, but an extension of Azure itself, and is designed specifically for businesses needing a localized version of Azure, as well as Azure cloud. Companies operating in remote locations would be able to use the service to connect to the internet in places with poor or no connectivity like oil rigs, cruise ships, and highly regulated regions where data needs to be localised.

Photograph: efes/Wikimedia Commons 

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