Maharashtrian dishes you must not miss on Gudi Padwa!

Treat yourself to these lip-smacking traditional dishes during this festival. By Shweta Gandhi

Puran Poli

Puran Poli
This is a popular festive dish among Maharashtrians and a hit among those who have a bit of a sweet tooth. A flatbread with a stuffing of chickpeas and jaggery, it’s often also flavoured with nutmeg and cardamom and saffron. For many families rolling, stuffing, and, of course, eating the polis is a group effort, and one that everyone likes to participate in. Savour its taste with a dash of ghee.
Photography courtesy: Usha Nagle/Wikimedia Commons


A favourite Indian version of flavoured yoghurt, Shrikhand is one of the main desserts in Maharashtrian cuisine. It is usually made by mixing strained yoghurt with sugar and natural flavours like kesar, elaichi and cardamom. Though mango is the most popular flavour as Gudi Padwa often falls during the onset of the mango season. Relish a dollop of this velvety dish with a puri for a delicious mouthful.
Photography courtesy: Being Marathi/Wikimedia Commons


It’s believed that Modak is the favourite food of the god Ganesha, and therefore a very popular dish in Maharashtra. This delicacy is particularly seen during Ganesh Utsav celebrations, but it is also served by many on Gudi Padwa. Resembling a dumpling, the outer coating is made out of rice, wheat or maida flour, which is stuffed with a juicy mixture of coconut and jaggery; the dumpling is then steamed or fried.
Photography courtesy: Himanshu Jagtap/Wikimedia Commons


Aam Panna
This excellent drink is a summer favourite, with all the right flavours and colours—those of raw mangoes. Made out of raw mango pulp, sugar and spices mixed with water, Aam Panna is known for its cooling properties and is a hydrating, healthy, yet lip-smacking, beverage. Given the increasing temperature, try this drink to cool down on Gudi Padwa!
Photography courtesy: Monali Mishra/Wikimedia Commons


This crispy, deep-fried wheat flour bread is a perfect accompaniment for two classic Maharashtrian dishes—Shrikhand and Batatyachi Bhaji. Puris can be eaten for breakfast or as a light snack and are a popular item on Gudi Padwa. Best enjoyed when they’re hot and crispy!


Batatyachi Bhaji
This is a quintessential Gudi Padwa dish, made of potatoes flavoured with mustard seeds, curry leaves, asafoetida and chilli. Batatyachi Bhaji is appetising either dry or with a bit of gravy and is accompanied with hot, crispy puris.
Photography courtesy: Navia/Wikimedia Commons


This one’s also for the health-conscious. Thalipeeth is a multi-grain pancake with special dough made out of roasted tapioca, Rajgira, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, wheat and rice. A healthy mix of different cereals, it’s often had with mint chutney and lime wedges.
Photography courtesy: Archana Joshi/Wikimedia Commons

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