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Introducing EOS, a New Open Source Blockchain OS

IT professionals and developers in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune got a detailed brief on the OS through a series of meetups.

Blockchain has been the buzzword in the developer community for a while now. But the blockchain technologies available so far don’t offer the kind of opportunity needed to band together for smart contracts to build applications that can support large-scale businesses. To cater to this need, a developer of blockchain technologies, has created EOS (, a new open source blockchain OS that supports scalable, commercial decentralised applications.

CORE Media held a series of interactive meetups in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune to introduce the OS to the Indian market. Sanjay Mehta, Cryptocurrency Investor, TiE Mumbai Board Of Trustees, Member of CIO Angel Network, and Investor in, was the key speaker at the meetups. He highlighted the host of features the smart contract platform already offers, including accounts, databases, permissions, authentication, asynchronous communication, parallel execution, web assembly, and bug recovery. All of this creates an environment that allows for speedy and easy deployment of decentralised applications, enables vertical and horizontal scaling, and has the ability to support millions of transactions per second. It also eliminates user fees enabling the creation of freemium applications, making it easier for new blockchain users to avoid the hassle of buying a cryptocurrency. As EOS.IO Dawn 1.0, the first pre-release of EOS.IO SDK, is now available Sanjay encouraged developers to use it to test and build their applications.

Attendees in all three cities ranged from developers to entrepreneurs and even CIOs, all of whom were eager to learn about the practical implications of the OS. Some attendees were already familiar with EOS and quite excited about testing it, with one developer even going so far to ask if EOS stood for ‘Ethereum on Steroids’!

There are EOS meetups planned in three more cities in November (details given below). Register now at to book your seat!

November 4: Chennai

November 11: Bengaluru

November 17: Gurugram


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