Intel unveils AI developer program to boost integration

The community initiative will train 15000 Indian professionals on key technologies.

As part of its efforts to boost the adoption of AI in India, Intel recently announced a number of initiatives at its first AI Day conference hosted in Bangalore. The initiatives aim to accelerate AI integration in various industries by teaming up with partners and customers all over the country.

One of the initiatives is the AI Developer Education Program, which will help educate as many as 15,000 Indian developers, analysts, scientists, and engineers on a range of AI technologies which include Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The initiatives will impart all the necessary knowledge and knowhow required to make the community ready for AI adoption through 60 programs every year, along with a collection of ready-to-use platforms and tools for solution development.

Intel South Asia Managing Director Praksh Mallya said that the intelligence behind the data collected as part of India’s digital transformation will aid industries as well as the government to take rapid decisions utilising algorithms. Towards this end, Intel is collaborating and providing AI solutions for Wipro, HPE, Calligo Technologies, and Julia Computing. Mallya added that Intel’s collaboration with partners in the industry will lower the entry barriers for students, scientists and developers, which will in turn further democratise the use of AI.

Mallya also said that in India Intel is targeting the telecom, BFSI and e-commerce sectors, all of which have vast scope for AI integration. To give this a boost, Intel recently combined all its AI operations into the Artificial Intelligence Products Group. This group will focus on developing software products and chips related to ML and AI.

Photograph: Chris Potter/Flickr 

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