India secures 23rd position on global cybersecurity index

The index was published as part of the second report by the International Telecommunication Union

According to a survey published by a United Nations telecommunications agency on Wednesday, ranking the cybersecurity commitment of nations all over the world, India currently holds the 23rd position in the index, which comprises of as many as 165 nations.

Known as the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI), this is the second one to be released by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and it states that only 50% of the countries in the world possess, or are developing a robust enough cybersecurity strategy. In light of this, the agency implored all countries to put in place national policies designed to help prevent cybercrime.

Receiving a score of 0.683, India is one of the 77 countries which have already taken significant steps to improving their cybersecurity, engaging in several programmes and initiatives, collectively forming the “maturing” category, while Singapore has grabbed the first position with a score of 0.925. Additionally, 38 per cent of countries, said the report, have already published a cybersecurity strategy, besides which, 12 per cent of governments have also begun the process already.

Urging countries to redouble their efforts in light of the cybersecurity becoming more and more of an absolute necessity in this day and age, the report listed Singapore, United States, Malaysia, Oman, Estonia, Mauritius, Australia, Georgia, France and Canada in the top 10, with Russia coming in at a close 11th position. The Index also shone light on the development and reinforcement of the legal, technical, organisational, capacity building and international cooperation of the member states, which form the five pillars of the ITU Global Cybersecurity Agenda,

In 2016, one per cent of all of emails had been malicious attacks, which, according to ITU, had been the highest in recent years. Just last month, the entire world fell victim to a crippling malware attack, however, authorities are still not sure about the identity of the perpetrator. In light of it, said the report, while attacks like these cannot be stopped or prevented completely, improvement in security measures at all levels, including issuing of national policies and guidelines by the governments, is of utmost importance right now.

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