IBM launches Machine Learning Hub in India for the first time

The hub, set up in Bangalore, will help organisations adapt to and utilise the advanced technologies.

In an announcement on Thursday, August 3, technology giant IBM launched its very first Machine Learning (ML) Hub in India, set up in the city of Bangalore. The hub will be offering practical training in advanced, new-age technology domains such as machine learning and the like.

While IBM refrained from revealing any details about the investments in the new centre, it did state that organisations looking to participate in the training programs can visit the hub and work with IBM experts to develop and release to the public analytic models that can handle the latest intelligent applications and software.

The latest in the line of similar centres built by the organisation, it already has a number of machine learning hubs running in a slew of locations such as San Jose, Toronto, Boblingen, Beijing, and Germany.

The hubs would allow like-minded engineers, data professionals, and business analysts to collaborate with IBM data science experts to gain proficiency in understanding and using the latest tools, technologies and techniques in the industry for visualising, analysing and interpreting data, while IBM would also assist organisations in building and testing rapid, scalable prototypes so that the organisations can implement them immediately.

Vice President of IBM India Software Labs and Growth IBM India & South Asia, Gaurav Sharma, spoke about how the meaning of the term ‘Machine Learning,’ which an IBMer had coined decades ago, has developed and transformed over the years. Today, it stands for an entrance into the cognitive world, where enterprises can drive critical insights using technology. He also added that the massive drive for digitisation that India is currently going through, the time is perfect for organisations to shift into this new technology era of machine learning, and IBM Machine Learning hubs are designed to make them capable and ready for it.

Photograph: Creative Commons/Rosemaryetoufee 

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