‘Hybrid is the future and the future is hybrid’

Adam Paclt, Global CEO, IceWarp, discusses integrating key tech trends into its offerings to create competitive collaboration tools.

It’s been three years since IceWarp made its foray into the Indian market and the company has already made its mark, giving stiff competition to traditional technology providers in the space. Earlier this year it showcasing the CIO trust it has earned by bagging the CIO Choice 2018 recognition for Enterprise Email. We talk to Adam Paclt, Global CEO, IceWarp, on the company’s unique propositions and strategy to increase market share.

 How are you seeing the overall business outlook for IceWarp in 2018?
“India is the fastest growing economy in the world today and we believe we are at the right place at the right time with the right product for the Indian market. We have got an overwhelming response from Indian customers and saw a 200 per cent jump in our business in 2017. We look forward to 2018 as we will be leading many strategic initiatives.”

What are some of the key IT trends that will drive business in 2018?
“These would be Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain.”

How do you see the hybrid IT trend playing out in the email space?
“‘Hybrid is the future and the future is hybrid’. We see hybrid working the best in the email space. In India we found our sweet spot, ie power users (management, middle management) can continue to use O365/G Suite/ Exchange, while non-power users (admin, back office, support) are migrated to IceWarp with the same domain name, ie”

What are some of the benefits of a hybrid email solution?
“Organisations see great value when they get the best of both worlds and have huge savings on their TCO. Those already on O365/G Suite reduce their TCO up to 50 per cent, which is substantial as this is an annual recurring cost. Those that haven’t empowered their workforce with dedicated email accounts or collaboration services can now bring them on IceWarp. It will bring tremendous efficiency as employees can connect, communicate, and collaborate instantly.”

Tell us about how IceWarp is redefining the collaboration market.
“We were early in identifying trends and made them integral to our roadmap. Apart from Google and Microsoft we are the only OEM to have our own cloud infrastructure hosted and managed by us. We are also the only one operating from an Indian data centre.

“We have launched private cloud and private cloud cluster for organisations that have stringent information security policies, which is a unique proposition. Customers can now move to cloud without any fear and adhere to security policies, which is not possible with public cloud.

“We are planning a complete module as an add on to IceWarp Core Engine. It would provide augmented reality along with data analytics. We’ll provide a single dashboard of all the data information exchanged, generated and maintained by a user through all mediums of communication. It will help organisations maintain data security for analysis and compliance.”

How do you feel having won CIO Choice 2018?
“We are overwhelmed and thank all the CIOs who voted for us. Getting an award in India in the short span of three and half years makes us feel that we are doing the right job, our team is on the right track and that our products are appreciated.”

What are the value differentiators IceWarp brings to its customers in India?
“IceWarp is uniquely positioned as the only alternative to G Suite and O365. We are the only one providing a complete unified communication and collaboration suite on-premises and on-cloud. We are hosted in an Indian data centre, ensuring data governance and less latency during access. We have a highly user intuitive all-in-one Web client that has a single user interface for emails, chat, collaboration, video calls, Web documents, etc. Customers can select different cloud packages and consolidate them into one to get the best TCO. We are also the only provider offering private cloud and private cloud cluster for enterprises.”

What’s your outlook for the Indian market in 2018?
“India is a large country with abundant opportunities. Our vision is to have two million mailboxes by 2020.”

What’s your game plan to expand the company’s presence in the market?
“We are a partner driven company worldwide. We have our own offices only in five countries; we work through partners in the other 45. Our Indian partner program started in October 2016, and 36 per cent of our 2017 revenue was through partners. We aspire to grow this to 80 per cent from 2018 onwards.”

What opportunities do you hope to capitalise on in India’s growing digital economy?
“Frugal innovation, open source software, local language computing, and scalable enterprise solutions for ‘smart’ cities or villages will drive the next leg of digital progress in India. IceWarp is happy to be a part of this digital revolution and make it work by providing the requisite features, flexibility and cost effectiveness.” 

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