How to use body language for better business relationships

Use these tips to work on your nonverbal cues and build a charismatic personal brand. By Priya Prakasan

You might not realise it but a large chunk of communication in the office is non-verbal. That makes body language an important tool that is often ignored and underdeveloped. When used effectively, body language can help you communicate better, increase your sphere of influence, build positive relationships and bond with your workforce. Here are some ways to use body language to your advantage.

Exude confidence non-verbally
The first step to cultivate a non-verbally display of power and confidence. Your body language speaks as much as the words you use, so show your assuredness through the way you hold yourself. Ensure your posture is erect, centre your weight in your lower body, keep your shoulders back and head high to project confidence. Remember, the goal is to appear confident, not rigid. When seated, plant your feet firmly on the floor and keep your elbows at a suitable distance away from your body so that you seem to occupy more space.

Work on your vocal pitching
People with high-pitched voices are often judged as being nervous and less powerful when compared to those with a lower pitch, who come off as more empathetic, assured and confident. So pay attention to your pitch and tone when making important phone calls; this is when your voice really projects your image. So, be a more effective communicator try to relax your voice to its optimal pitch.

Open body language
A relaxed body with open gestures sends the signal that you’re interested in absorbing what is being said. Instead of crossing your arms and legs, keep your arms at your sides and plant your feet on the ground. Use open arm gestures when you speak and show the palms of your hands as if to say ‘I have nothing to hide’. Crossed arms, hands held close to the body, and hidden hands make it appear that you’re closed off.

Maintain good eye contact
Strategic eye contact has the power to change how people think of you, so always look a person in the eye when having a conversation. It shows you’re interested in the discussion, evoking positive feelings of trust and a deeper connection. Positive eye contact also makes you appear more confident. Avoid blinking rapidly as it reveals that you’re uncomfortable with the conversation.

Smile often
A smile is a powerful tool that can actually promote well being. When you smile at someone, they will invariably smile back and this encourages them to be a positive frame of mind. It is one of the best and quickest ways to connect with someone and it naturally draws people towards you. A smile also shows that you’re listening and are interested in what’s being said. It makes you appear more approachable and trustworthy.

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