How to attract the best talent for your company

Consider these strategies to find the right people to work for you.

Competition for talent is becoming increasing intense. So how do you make your company stand out from the crowd?

1. Make yourself visible
Offer yourself as a speaker at industry and professional gatherings whether talent usually hangs out. Share content on your social media, blog, site, etc. This will help you share your company’s vision, goals, and ideas with the larger public, and draw in those looking for a change. Highlight the successes and the failures—they too tell a story. These are great ways to network, enhance your brand and put yourself out there so that great talent can find you. Also don’t limit public speaking to yourself; encourage your up-and-coming leaders to step up at local gatherings.

2. Promote internal talent
An internal hire might be one of the best ways to fill a vacancy. You know the candidate already fits the company profile and there’s a proven track record to back their candidature. Plus they can hit the ground running as they’re already familiar with how the system works and don’t need to go through the onboarding process. By encouraging internal mobility you’re providing employees with new opportunities and showing them there’s room for growth and upward mobility. This is also a good strategy prevent turnover.

3. Showcase opportunities to learn
Money isn’t the only consideration for top talent. Often they’re looking for opportunities to learn and further hone their skills so as to speed up their career trajectory. Learning opportunities can be a big motivator to entice great talent to join your organisation. Develop a work environment that’s engaging and encourages learning. Once you’ve done that make it a point to showcase these opportunities when putting out the call for talent.

4. Personalisation is key
Just like with targeted marketing campaign, you need to insert some level of personalisation when communicating with candidates. It helps build and project and image that will appeal to them. Also candidates need to feel like more than just a face in the crowd. And personalised communication will help you grab and retain their attention. You’ve worked so hard to find them; don’t let all of that go to waste with some carelessly worded communication. Also make it a point to reach out to candidates who didn’t make the final cut. Candidates often complain about company’s who don’t inform them about their rejection. It’s rude to leave candidates hanging like this and creates a bad impression of your brand. So be thoughtful and thank them for their time.

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