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Gupshup launches InterBot, world’s first bot-to-bot communication platform

The platform will let bots interact and utilise each other’s functions to perform complex tasks.

In a recent announcement, US-based bot and messaging communication company Gupshup launched the world’s first bot-to-bot communication platform, aptly named InterBot. The platform allows different kinds of bots to communicate, co-ordinate, compete, transact, and negotiate with each other. The bots can even team up to create groups and hierarchies that can help improve decision-making within the operation.

Using it, personal assistant bots can speak to your doctor’s bot to schedule your next appointment, shopping bots can interact with merchant bots to find the best prices and negotiate, while travel bots can autonomously find the best deals and packages by using the services of flight and hotel bots. The interconnected communication that this allows can even let a taxi bot ask a cafe bot to have the coffee ready before the taxi reaches the destination. Gaming bots, on the other hand, can play strategy games with dealer bots, while translate bots can team up with e-commerce bots to allow multi-lingual transactions.

Developers can share, create, and launch bots from platforms like Facebook Messenger, that can interact and speak with each other as well as combine their functions and capabilities in order to create smarter and more powerful bots. To use the platform, bots will firstly have to publish themselves on it, after which they can exchange services among themselves and also learn from one another. Developers can simply connect one bot to another like lego blocks where the output of one becomes the input of the other, and in turn, end up with completely new bots.

Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup, said in a statement that the launch of InterBot would open up an a whole horde of possibilities in the field of intelligent bots and systems. Similar to how human beings utilise the collective power of a number of individual humans, InterBot allows bots to carry out functions by utilising and enhancing the capabilities of a number of bots, and marks a small step for the world of bots, and a giant step for ‘botkind’ as a whole. 

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