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“We deployed mobility, collaboration solutions and chat bot to boost efficiency at work”

Harnath Babu, Chief Information Officer, KPMG India, and CIO Power List 2017 winner, talks about implementing a mobile device management app to improve employee productivity, save costs, and drive business. By Satyaki Sarkar

Over the last two years, Harnath Babu has undertaken key projects to improve the IT infrastructure and information security at KPMG in India. Harnath, is keen to harness the benefits of advanced technology to boost efficiency and productivity of both internal and external stakeholders. Some of his projects include deploying a MDM platform, implementing corporate mobile applications and collaboration solutions, and introducing a chat bot that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Harnath, recognised as an Intelligent Bots and RPA Icon at CIO Power List 2017, tells us more about the project.

The need for MDM
“KPMG is approximately a 18,000-employee strong organisation in India, and for such a huge workforce, comprising of some of the most talented professionals in the country, it was imperative we be consistently updated with the latest technology,” says Harnath. “Mobility was a huge requirement since employees needed to be constantly available and connected. To address the need for a mobility-enabled workplace, we implemented MDM to support our journey. This platform makes it easier for all the staff members to access official emails as well as corporate mobile applications that meet their self-service requirements while on the move. We have also introduced a chat bot that has a conversational interface and helps resolve internal employee-related queries and concerns round the clock.”

Overcoming challenges by highlighting user benefits
“Whenever a new technology is introduced, it is natural that users are resistant to change. So to overcome this challenge, we enhanced awareness of the benefits of the MDM platform via emailers, standees, posters and screensavers across the firm. We have also taken adequate security measures while complying with the firm’s regulations and ensured utmost data security and privacy. This has alleviated their reluctance and we can now see a rise in the adoption of the solutions.”

Key business benefits
“The mobility and collaboration solutions have been adopted by a huge number of employees and have yielded in huge costs as well as time savings. It has further helped the employees stay connected from wherever they are and has led to increased employee satisfaction. Besides, the chat bot has also been instrumental in catering to users’ exacting technical requirements and resolving their IT queries in real time, irrespective of their location.” 

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