Cyber Security firm FireEye launches new security platform in India

The platform is the first of its kind, and is intended to make security operations a lot easier for customers and partners.

In an official statement on Thursday, April 20, US-based cyber security company FireEye announced that its Helix automated security platform would now be operable all over the world, including India. By using the FireEye “iSIGHT” intelligence, orchestration and Mandiant expertise, it provides its users with an easy to use, integrated, and automated platform which can serve as the base of all security operations.

Having been gaining in popularity rapidly, FireEye has rapidly been becoming a favourite of a number of prominent companies and technology partners from all over the world. Now it intends to address some of the most major concerns and security problems plaguing users like countless noisy alerts, disconnected products, and exhausting resources.

In order to do this, Helix has integrated more than 300 technology integrations with common security tools used by customers like cutting-edge firewalls, anti-virus, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) sytems which analyse threats detected by network hardware and software, through the security alerts and reports generated by them.

Grady Summers, Chief Technology Officer, FireEye, stated that Helix is intended to be a more formidable centralised hub which would provide simpler, more consolidated, and self-regulating security operations.

By detecting threats using a combination of machine, adversary, and breach intelligence, Helix provides high-speed automation and orchestration, while reducing operational costs and lowering the alert-to-fix time. Older, already existing customers will also be able to use the new features by means of a simple upgrade, and by utilizing the add-on subscriptions which are offered by the Helix platform, such as ‘Expanded Automation Capabilities’ and ‘Enhanced Malware Analysis,’among others.

Photograph: Blue Coat Photos/Flickr 

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