“We’re clubbing backup and DR to achieve both for the cost of one”

Deepak Kumar Panda, Head-IT, Century Plyboards (I) Ltd, speaks about developing a single solution to reduce cost by 40 per cent and deployment time to just one hour. By Satyaki Sarkar

Deepak Kumar Panda started his career as a software developer, but quickly moved into IT infrastructure, handling Microsoft Technologies, working on CRM, CMS applications, etc. While working in Service Delivery, he had an assortment of clients, including MIT, RA-Micro, and several other technology giants. He then migrated completely into infrastructure and application management, and during his 16 years in the industry he has worked with companies like Sapient Corporation and SPS Group. His expertise in ERP, IT infrastructure, business strategy alignment, project management, stakeholder management, budgeting, IT policies, and RDBMS has helped cement his role as a leader in the industry. Today, he speaks to Bonne Vie about one of his most recent projects, a backup solution from a well-known brand that utilises its live recovery option to club backup and disaster recovery so as to achieve both goals for the cost of one.

How it works
“The product we selected is a snapshot-based solution being implemented in cloud to bring down the deployment time to just one hour. Users can start working on the application instantly without needing a separate disaster recovery tool. The backup solution works by taking a snapshot of the entire server, and it works in incremental phases where it backs up the entire data centre to the cloud, part by part. When you need to restore the data it utilises a priority based restoration process, where if you want to work on a specific thread or process, it will deploy that specific process, so that you do not face any challenges while working on the DR side. For the VMs, you don’t need to be ready with the applications or have a DR as a service kind of a setup; you need to keep just one VM ready with you for the restoration process, while everything else would be ready with you within just one hour.”

Challenges faced
“Since this project was the first of its kind and had never been tried before, it was quite a struggle predicting whether the model we were working on would actually work or not. The OEM had never even considered the possibility of a solution like this ever being possible, until we were able to show them the practical data and layout of the software that we were planning on developing. We conducted a number of tests, analysis and dry runs to figure out all the possible occurrences that we could come up against. We also had to keep in mind that the costs incurred would need to be halved for the implementation to be considered a success, and if it failed we would have ended up incurring double the expenditure with nothing to show for it. Once we had taken the budget approval from the board, we went ahead and started work on the solution from the point of view of the functionalities that are needed, and how best to combine them to serve multiple purposes while utilising the same resources. We predict that within the next few months, the project will be ready to go live, and the implementation will be carried out.”

“Backup is a critical requirement in today’s day, and for our BCP disaster recovery is also essential for the safety and security of our data. Thus, as a result of this implementation we would be able to combine the applicability and services of both, while incurring the cost of one. We estimate a cost saving of almost 40 per cent as a result of the implementation, besides the significant decrease in deployment time. Additionally, the RPO and RTO that we can sustain is a lot greater than what the software needs. It is taking a lesser amount of time to perform the same functions, while giving us an end-to-end, real time based backup and recovery solution.

“We are currently working on completely transforming the security infrastructure as well as the unified communications for the organisation. We expect to complete that within the next six months, and expect the backup and recovery solution to be instrumental in setting up a synergic security and recovery framework for the organisation, which would provide comprehensive protection against cyber threats and damages incurred because of them.” 

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  • Posted: October 7, 2017 06:56

    Rama Chandra Panigrahi

    Great thought Mr Deepak Panda. This will be helpful for users.
  • Posted: October 8, 2017 09:43

    N Panda

    Really a good job.

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