Celebrating the best: CIO Choice 2016

From suave men in suits and bow ties to beautiful Bond girls, energetic dance performances from fun-loving CIOs and a mesmerising flutist, the CIO Choice 2016 recognitions had it all and a lot more!

The theme for the night was James Bond and it was clearly a hit as industry stalwarts turned out in their best to live it up Bond style. Guests were treated to a casino-like experience while they waited and many tried their luck at the poker, derby and roulette tables set up. Also on hand were gun-totting Bond girls in case guests wanted that iconic Bond shot.

The CIO Choice recognitions, which honour winners across 49 categories in the ICT space, are an eagerly looked forward to industry event and CIOs across fields mark it as a must-attend. The event didn’t disappoint this year as well. Held at The Lalit in Mumbai, guests were entertained with sizzling dance performances by Pooja Kasekar and an ethereal recital by a beautiful international flutist.

But the highlight of the evening’s entertainment were the four dance videos of India’s top CIOs grooving to popular Bollywood tracks that elicited much good-natured ribbing. Shot at the famous Chandivli Studios (where Amitabh Bachchan started his career) the videos featured fun choreography and backup dancers.

As has been the case in the past, CORE Media launched two new ventures at the CIO Choice recognitions. The first was the Hotels, Hospitality, Honor Awards, which will celebrate the success and achievements of India’s technology professionals in the hotels and hospitality industry.

The second launch was this site, Bonne Vie, a unique digital magazine focussed on the lifestyle of the burgeoning CXO community. From news, views and the lifestyles of celebrity CIOs to the stories that shape their lives, their passion for sports, culture, food and the good life—it’s all here on this site.

Anoop Mathur, president CORE Media, also gave an update on the CFO Choice 2016 recognitions and the CFO Choice Power List 2016. He informed guests that the CIO Angel Network (CAN), which was set up in 2015, has so far showcased 50+ deals, and has already invested Rs 2 crore+ through three deals. All in all a great start to the year!

Mermaids give guests a warm welcome on the Red Carpet Night.

KRC Murty of Deutsche Bank strikes a pose Bond style!

Why do you want fish when you can have a mermaid? Ajay Meher, Rajiv Rajda and Venkatakrishnan Subramaniam strike a pose near the mermaid lagoon.

The poker table where everyone was a winner.

CIOs put their luck to the test at the Casino Royale set-up.

Showing some love by signing 'I was here'.

Work hard, play hard and party harder at the Red Carpet Night.

Love how these gentlemen took the Bond theme to heart! 

A star-studded gathering of CIOs, all ready to celebrate and enjoy the gala evening. 

CIOs turned out in full force to support and celebrate the success of the ICT vendors.

What's a drink or two between friends?

Vijay Bhaskar and Anoop Mathur strike a pose for the shutterbugs.

Time for some group shots before the revelry begins!

Walk the talk–Red Carpet Night stars Prasad Parab, Aditya Mathur and Rahul Mahajan.

Good friends do not let you do fun things...alone!

Showing his support for a good endeavour.

The industry's brightest gather together to recognise the work of ICT vendors.

The auspicious lighting of the lamp by Venkat Iyer, Ajay Meher, Thomson Thomas, Jayantha Prabhu and Rajiv Rajda.

Kunal Pande, Partner, KPMG India, talks about knowledge services.    

The coveted CIO Choice 2016 recognition trophies.

Dancer Pooja Kasera performs to popular Bollywood numbers.

International flutist plays haunting melodies.

Anoop Mathur, president, CORE Media, launches Bonne Vie, a digital magazine focussed on the CXO community.

Kermin Bhot, managing editor, Bonne Vie, talks about how the site aims to engage with the CXO community.

Anoop Mathur introduces guests to CORE Media's latest venture the Hotels, Hospitality, Honor Awards.

The evening isn't complete without a selfie with friends!

If you have good company, you have everything!

Time to start the celebrations!

Guests let their hair down and shake a leg to the grooving music.

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