Celebrating 5 years of CORE Media!

Join us as we countdown to the company’s fifth anniversary to be celebrated on August 26 at
CIO Crown 2016.

Over the last five years, CORE Media has successfully ushered in a new style of enterprise customer engagement for brands. The idea is to create brand ideas that are community relevant and provide platforms where brands can get a complete understanding of enterprise customers. The company has worked vigorously to garner an in-depth understanding of the needs of India’s ICT industry as well as build trusted relationships within the CIO community.

The company is the brainchild of Anoop Mathur, it’s founder and president, who is the force behind all the media properties. Started in 2012, CORE Media has built innovative marketing and branding platforms that have met with great success.

Some highlights

2012: Launch of CIO Choice
CORE Media launched with CIO Choice, its flagship property. This is first of its kind platform that was conceived and designed with a view to discover the most preferred ICT product brands on the basis of cumulative endorsement from the CIO community via online voting survey. CIO Choice recognises and honour products, services and solutions on the back of stated preferences of CIOs and ICT decision makers and to help marketers create a positive brand positioning for their products, services and/ or solutions by being the CIOs preferred choice.

2013: Launch of CIO Choice Red Carpet Night & CIO Crown – Unconference
This first Red Carpet Night – CIO Choice was held to felicitate ICT vendors most favoured by CIOs. It’s the most powerful networking ICT event in the country with Indian CIOs and ICT leaders coming together in a holistic effort to create rewarding relationships.

This was also the year that saw the first CIO Crown – Unconference. It is unique opportunity for leading IT innovators and thinkers to think, debate and collaborate on current industry challenges and trends. Attending CIOs and IT executives engage in peer-on-peer networking discussing the issues currently affecting CIOs from a varied set of industries.

During the year the company continued to build on the success of CIO Choice and CIO Crown and put the framework together for four new properties to be launched in 2015.

2015: Launch of CIO Angel Network, B2B 1K Ventures, CIO Power List & Hot 100: Race to Grace
The year started off with a bang, with the launch of CIO Angel Network (CAN). It has two chapters, in Mumbai and Delhi, and its mission is to accelerate seed stage startups through fundraising support and customer discovery. Its members are expert technology professionals from large enterprises in India.

This year also saw another first. The launch of B2B 1K Ventures, whose goal is to be the first source of funding for marketing capital, and to help technology entrepreneurs’ passionate dream become a reality in the B2B enterprise space. B2B 1K Ventures has worked and developed innovative finance models for the benefit of early stage technology entrepreneurs.

A little later in the year was the very first CIO Power List, a grand celebration of dynamic CIOs who are changing the IT landscape with their ground-breaking strategies and technology foresight. The elite winners are selected on the basis of an algorithm that was developed using a wide range of data collected from multiple channels.

The end of the year saw another launch—Hot 100: Race to Grace awards. The awards recognise India’s hottest tech startups that offer unique technology solutions that work, deliver real benefits, are innovative and potentially address the market at large. It’s a great showcase for startups where the winners are judged by a stalwart by a panel of industry stalwarts.

2016: Launch of Bonne Vie, HHH Awards & CFO Choice
The year started with the fourth edition of CIO Choice, where CORE Media launched three new platforms. First up is Bonne Vie, a one-of-its-kind digital magazine geared towards the burgeoning CXO community. It features articles on fashion, health and fitness, lifestyle, culture, travel and food written especially for the CXO community, with a high engagement factor.

Then there are the Hotels, Hospitality, Honour Awards, which celebrate the success and achievements of India’s technology professionals in the hotels and hospitality industry. And then there’s the company’s newest venture CFO Choice, whose mission is to create a B2B platform of trust that can be leveraged by the CFO community as well as vendors for accelerated business. CFO Choice will garner the country’s most inspirational finance, accounting and compliance products, services and solutions that have fortified their presence in the hearts and minds of CFOs.

The last five years have underscored CORE Media’s success story in building innovative brand engagements that are focused on ICT enterprises, the CIO community and technology startups. And the company is looking forward to another successful year of marketing innovations.

Here are some pictures from the events.

Lighting of the lamp at CIO Choice 2016.
Prasenjit Mukherjee, Assistant Vice President IT, BSES Power, is recognised as a Mobility Icon at CIO Power List 2016.
Suneel Aradhye, ex-Group CIO, RPG Enterprises, and Jayantha Prabhu, Group CIO, Essar, awarding Aakash Bhansal on his startup Move10X at Hot 100: Race to Grace 2015.
The CFO Choice 2017 advisory panel at their first meet.
Anthony Thomas, CIO, GE Global Health Organisation, moderates at panel with Pankaj Bhargava, CIO, Pidilite Industries, Shashi Kumar Ravulapaty, Senior VP and CTO, Reliance Capital Ltd, Ritu Madbhavi, CIO, FCB Ulka Advertising Limited, and C Mohan, founder and CEO, AdStringO, at CIO Crown 2015.

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