‘Your body needs servicing once or twice a week’

Mandar Patkar, Head Infrastructure – IT at Reliance Brands Ltd., on the benefits of his favourite form of exercise—swimming. By Shweta Gandhi

“Finding a way to disconnect from the world during your down time is key to success. The mind governs the body and vice versa. A positive mind nurtures a healthy body, while a healthy body provides proper blood circulation to the brain to assist in its functioning.

“A Mumbaikar doesn’t really need to go to a gym. Daily to and fro by local trains is good enough exercise! I enjoy swimming and usually manage to find time for it on weekends. Swimming is like servicing your body once or twice a week to ensure its smooth functioning. Here’s why I’d advise people to take it up.”

#1 Increases stamina
“Swimming builds cardio-respiratory fitness and improves endurance. So you don’t need to consume vitamin supplements for energy! It doesn’t cause stress to joints as it is devoid of any ground impact. And that’s why swimming is good for people of all ages.”

#2 It tones your body

“When you start to swim, your body gets toned and builds muscle mass. This is important as it keeps your body in shape. Also, there is no need to consume low-calorie diet foods as you are burning enough calories through this exercise (anywhere from 500-650 calories per hour).”

#3 It keeps backaches at bay

“The resistance of the water makes sure you’re literally putting your back into it when you swim. However, you’re only using 10 per cent of your weight when you swim, thanks to the buoyancy of water. So it’s a great way to exercise and strengthen your back.”

#4 It’s a life saving skill…remember Baywatch?
“If you’re not swimming, make yourself useful by being on the lookout for children and adult beginners who might be floundering.”

#5 It’s a full body exercise
“This is one exercise that provides a full body workout, as nearly all your muscles are used. Your mental well being is improved too as it lowers stress levels and refreshes the mind.”

#6 It increases your appetite
“After a swim you’ll be ravenous. And the point here is to make sure you eat healthy. My mantra is: ‘Eat happily. Live happily.’” 

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  • Posted: April 4, 2016 05:49

    Austin Gomes

    Nice article... Swimming is next on the agenda !!!
  • Posted: April 4, 2016 12:17

    Shivaji Nalawade

    Well said Saheb ... Let's have party for servicing.
  • Posted: April 4, 2016 17:32

    Jayendra Sadaye

    Good article Mandar........even I follow the same.

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