Best ways to inspire and motivate employees

Keep the positivity flowing with these tips to keep your workforce happy, engaged, and focussed on success. By Priya Prakasan

It’s the beginning of a new year, a clean slate brimming with countless possibilities. Everyone is recharged and ready to tackle the year head on. As a leader it’s the perfect opportunity for you to tap into this positivity and help employees achieve professional as well as business goals. Here are some ways you can build a work environment and culture that inspires employees and fosters greater engagement and growth.

1. Open-door policy
One thing that works well is a two-way dialogue; so strengthen communications with your employees by implementing an open door policy. This will show your willingness to listen; encourage them to approach you freely, it will make it easier for them to come to you with their concerns, ideas, feedback, etc. They will learn to trust you, building a healthy two-way dialogue that will be beneficial for professional and personal growth. Your actions and words will have more significance for them, helping you spread you message much faster and wider. The openness you encourage will also prompt them to share more ideas, perspectives, knowledge, etc, which in turn will promote innovation within the company. Your employees will feel motivated to strive for bigger and better goals. Open communication also builds transparency, which is important in any business.

2. Increase engagement to empower them
Once you’ve implemented the open-door policy, you will notice increased engagement with your employees. Use this to build trust and give them the autonomy and accountability to make decisions regarding their specific organisational tasks. Good leaders know that micromanaging is a big no-no. Work towards empowering your employees by showcasing your trust in them and giving them the leeway to take care of large tasks without your constant supervision. This change will not happen overnight, it will take some time to build the foundation of communication and empowerment. But when you exude enthusiasm, it will definitely inspire change in your employees.

3. Never settle for mediocrity
Another great way to motivate your team is by following a simple rule; do not settle for average—from yourself or your team. Set achievable yet challenging standards for yourself and your team. Find ways and tasks to push both of you outside your comfort zones. Once they see you practice what you preach, your team will also start to push itself. Keep the momentum going, set challenges, don’t let yourself or your team get complacent, that leads to indolence and decrease in productivity. Always strive to build a high performing team to help them to grow and learn. When you set high objectives and goals, employees will accordingly rise to the occasion and their motivation with be evident in their performance.

4. Connect the team with your company’s mission
People do well when they feel a sense of belonging. They want to feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves. When they are truly engaged, they have a sense of meaning or validation. So work with your team to create a force bigger than their individual goals, using the company’s values and objectives as a compass. Show them the value of their work, their role in the larger picture and they will develop healthy and productive methodologies to better their performance. They will become active participants in the company’s path to success.

5. Provide coaching and mentoring
As a leader you’re in an ideal position to help your employees grow and develop. You can do this through regular feedback sessions, providing coaching/mentorship yourself or pairing them with another senior who can guide and sharpen their skills. Invest time in their growth and provide opportunities for advancement. Your employees will appreciate the guidance and support and derive more value in the work that they do. This a great way to develop as well as retain talent within the organisation.

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