Avoid these 5 breakfast mistakes

Stay away from these and you’re looking at a fantastic, healthy start to your day.

1. Indulging your sweet tooth
It’s all too easy to eat sugary cereals, muffins, pancakes, waffles and sandwiches with creamy fillings for breakfast, especially when you’re at a breakfast buffet. But we suggest you take a deep breath and walk away. These foods are all high in sugar and fat and cause a spike in your blood sugar, which will be followed by a low-energy crash and hunger pangs, which means you’ll be hungry again mid-morning. Instead, try a bowl of whole-grain cereal or toast, a handful of nuts and some protein in the form of yoghurt, lean meat or egg whites. This way you’ll feel fuller for longer and have consumed lesser calories.

2. Skipping breakfast
This is an absolute no-no say health experts, even if you are full from the previous night’s meal. Breakfast is an important meal of the day and should not be skipped, as over time it can cause your metabolism to slow down and make you feel lethargic. So even if you’re full eat some whole fruit with low-fat yoghurt, or tea with a slice of whole-grain toast, or a bowl of sprouts. And if you skipping breakfast to loose weight, remember that your body needs those calories and will remind you with hunger pangs that will get harder and harder to ignore. So it’s likely you will give in and eat more junk that you otherwise would have later in the day. Which makes skipping breakfast a fat trap.
And try eating within an hour of waking up if possible. The longer you wait, the hungrier you become, which means you end up eating more to satisfy your cravings.

3. Fruit juices
Whether it’s canned ready-to-drink or freshly squeezed juices, we suggest you avoid both. Canned juiced are far from healthy, you barely get the fruit’s natural nutrients and instead get a helping of preservatives and lots of sugar syrup. Those are excess calories you do not need.
And freshly squeezed juices are better than store bought ones, but they too don’t pack a healthy punch. Blending the fruit causes it to lose most of its fibre, vitamins and minerals. So you’re better off having a glass of water and eating the whole fruit to gain the maximum vitamins and minerals. The fruit also gives you the much-needed fibre to keep off the hunger pangs till lunch.

4. Multiple cups of coffee
Quite a few people don’t feel awake till they’ve had their morning cup of java. And that’s one way to give yourself a boost and get the brain working. But stick to one or at the max two cups of coffee, more than this could lead to sleep depravation.

5. Not enough fibre
Fibre keeps you fuller for longer (therefore reducing hunger), helps you maintain steady sugar levels, helps lower cholesterol levels, keeps your digestive system on track and avoid constipation. So aim to have more fibre in your breakfast, whether it’s through oats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds. 

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