Apps to help you beat procrastination

Stop the downward spiral and watch your productivity soar with these apps.

1. Strict Workflow
This free browser plug-in applies the Pomodoro Technique to help you get in the zone. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that breaks work into focussed periods followed by short breaks. Use the app to time your work sessions and schedule breaks so that you stay on top of your work schedule. Additionally, Strict Workflow also blocks distracting sites during your work sessions so that you aren’t tempted to sneak a peek.
Available for Chrome

2. Procraster
Are you procrastinating because you don’t know where to start? Or think that your work has to be perfect? Reach out to the Procraster app to get rid of the roadblock. The app asks you to the select the mindset you’re in (the reason for your procrastination) and then guides you through to task completion. A handy tool for those moments when you just can’t get started.
Available for iOS

3. SelfControl, Anti-Social, & AppDetox
Social media can be a slippery slope, more like a black hole, from which it’s hard to return. So how do you ensure you stay focus? Download one of these apps that help you block the biggest distractions for a certain amount of time you set. They provide the self-control you so badly need to get your tasks done.

4. Forest
This app has an interesting take from the rest of the apps. It works to guilt you into staying focused and off your smartphone. Open the app when you’re finding it hard to put your phone down and plant a seed in your forest. The seed will grow into a tree in the time that the app is kept open. The catch? If you leave the app to check on your social media, etc, your tree will wither away.
Available for Android & iOS

5. FocusWriter
If you’re looking to get some serious writing done, we suggest you try this app. FocusWriter is a free word processor that blocks out all distractions on your screen. It provides a clean interface and you can set yourself targets, like word count, time taken, etc, to gamify the process. The app also lets your set an alarm, for a certain period or for a particular time. This is a helpful tool as FocusWriter also blocks off your computer’s clock, which it considers another distraction.
Available for Windows, Mac, & Linux 

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