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Akamai Technologies reinforces security solution offerings with ‘Enterprise Threat Protector’

The technology is designed to help customers gain superior consolidated protection against all forms of cyber attacks.

On Tuesday, June 27, leading content delivery network services provider Akamai Technologies announced the launch of its ‘Enterprise Threat Protector,’ its latest security solution designed to offer rapidly deployable and easily manageable cloud based protection against threats like malware, ransomware, phishing and DNS based data exfiltration.

The estimated cost incurred during a cyber attack on a company is $9.5 million. Yet, in spite of the vast amount of money invested in security frameworks, most companies still continue to overlook recursive DNS, an integral part of enterprise infrastructure, which lacks the intelligence capabilities to identify whether a domain request is safe or malicious. According to a statement by the organisation, this is the “intelligence gap” that it is looking to address.

John Summers, Vice-President and General Manager, Enterprise Products, Akamai Technologies, said that the clients companies have found their security teams coming up against perpetrators who constantly adopt new tactics, shift attack vectors, and precisely target gaps in security, by rooting out weaknesses and flaws in an organisation’s security framework.

He added that through “Enterprise Threat Protector,” the company is looking to offer its clients a stronger, and more intelligent comprehensive security solution that can identify and prevent such attacks before they can cause damage to a system.

The software uses threat data obtained by its cloud security intelligence capabilities to supplement recursive DNS requests by a company with critical intelligence to prevent access to malicious domains which might host websites commonly used to spread malware and ransomware, or participate in phishing attacks, thereby lowering security risks for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Additionally, the solution is also capable of blocking communications between already infected devices operating in an enterprise, that have the potential to infect the entire range of systems in the organisation and compromise critical networks. Lastly, it also provides the option of remotely maintaining and managing security implementation from anywhere in the world and launching countermeasures rapidly to protect all the locations, thereby reducing the management time considerably and improving overall security capabilities.


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