Akamai Technologies enters agreement to take over SOASTA

The acquisition of the California-based company is expected to be concluded by the second quarter of 2017.

In an official announcement on Wednesday, 29 March, Akamai Technologies, one of the world’s leaders in content delivery services, stated that they have entered into an agreement with SOASTA, a pioneer in Digital Performance Management, to acquire the software testing company, through an undisclosed cash-only transaction that is expected to be finalized by the second quarter of the year.

According to the official press statement released by Akamai, the acquisition will be monumental in providing its customers with an increased visibility and transparency in the business impact that its website and application optimisation strategies will have.

Proven results have shown that websites which are fast and reliable perform best when it comes to consumer interaction and experience, as well as the impact that has on the business. A responsive, fast-loading, and easy to use website is not a bonus for an organisation, but a necessity, as records show that 10 percent of visitors leave the website if there is even an increase of one second in its response time, and 30 percent of visitors never return to a slow website. Maximising the performance of their websites and applications is something that most online companies have not been able to achieve, as more often than not, they end up compromising on the end user experience for a more robust IT infrastructure performance. Akamai expects that the acquisition will help strike a balance between the two, as SOASTA provides a unified platform for measuring, testing, and analysing technology as well as business performances.

In the press statement, Ash Kulkarni, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Web Performance and Security, Akamai, said, “The addition of Soasta’s technology is intended to give our customers new ways to measure, optimise and validate the business impact of their web performance strategies.”

Akamai is also depending on the acquisition to help in expanding its Web Performance Solution services massively, in order to enable its customers to precisely gauge and check the experience that users have while using its applications, and how that experience affects them. This will not only help Akamai’s customers choose the performance optimisation strategies which can bring about the maximum positive impact on their business, but also test the impact of those strategies before they go live. 

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