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Adobe looking towards its Experience Cloud to help supercharge the company’s growth

Due to rapidly changing consumer expectations, Adobe has been aggressively pushing for growth and innovation in its digital marketing business

Having irrevocably established itself as a market leader by helping companies in India and all over the world implement digital transformation through its creative cloud, marketing cloud, and document cloud solutions, Adobe’s new Experience Cloud is now being looked to as the biggest growth opportunity for the company, according to Shantanu Narayan, President and CEO of Adobe.

He added that the main reason behind the growth and innovation in Adobe’s digital marketing business is the constantly expanding and changing consumer expectation, with several companies and organisations from different sectors promptly adopting its cloud solutions all over the world. He also stated that in today’s world, mobile has become the most preferred way of interfacing with businesses, with consumers being more open to interacting with a company digitally, as not only is it cheaper and faster, but it also provides a better experience.

Having been released in the first part of the year, Adobe Experience Cloud includes a wide range of cloud services which have been specially designed to satisfy every need of an enterprise, while equipping them with the right tools to provide exceptional customer experience. In view of that, Narayan stated that Adobe’s long-term goals also include innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

The company had recently issued a statement about having developed a series of innovations in Adobe Sensei, Adobe Cloud Platform’s intelligence layer, which provides a consolidated AI and machine learning framework along with intelligent services to its customers.

Kulmeet Bawa, Managing Director of Adobe’s South Asian division, said that Indian firms have been massively adopting digital marketing solutions, in both mobile and android development, and the company has been collaborating with some of the biggest such brands from sectors like e-commerce, banking, technology, telecom, and retail to promote digital transformation in India.

Adobe had recently entered into a partnership with Microsoft to develop joint solutions for transforming cross-channel experiences, utilising Adobe Experience Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power BI. Its Indian R&D labs, on the other hand, are responsible for a huge part of global innovations, with the company having as many as 5,200 employees working in a total of four campuses in Noida and Bengaluru. Bawa also stressed Adobe India’s critical role in the brand’s global scheme of things, stating that almost 30 percent of R&D and innovations carried out by the company happen in the country, with its global services delivery centre also being based in it. 

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