8 ways to stand out by accessorising your suit

Elevate your style to the next level with these accessories that will personalise your look and make you look sharp. By Satyaki Sarkar

Suiting up, in corporate life, has possibly lost its charm, owing to its prevalence as regular office attire. However, formal wear doesn’t have to mean boring. There are endless ways to accessorise a suit that add a dash of charisma and charm, while helping you stand out.


1. Stylish neckwear
Wearing a suit doesn’t men you always have to wear a tie; but if you do want to wear one, add a unique twist with a stylish tie knot. From the Trinity to the Ediety, Templar, Atlantic and Eldrege, there is a wide range of knots to choose from. Each with its own stamp that takes you’re look up a knotch. To know more read: 5 versatile tie knots every man should know.
And if you wish to leave the tie behind all together, then the sky really is the limit. You’ve got a host of options from collar chains to neck bows, bolos, scarves, cravats and so much more! Looking smart has never been this easy. To learn more about these options read: 5 alternatives to the boring old tie.


2. Suave shoes
Stylists very often say, a shoe can make or break a look, and they’re right. The right pair of shoes can completely transform your look from drab and sauve. Why stick to the same old Oxfords when there’s a wide range to choose from? Brogues are a great compliment to a sleek, smartly tailored suit, while a monk strap or a chukka boot will help you stand out from the crowd. Check out this article on men’s dress shoes to find what works for you.

3. Colourful socks

This footwear item has become an integral part of creating a defined look. Traditionally, socks are supposed to serve as an extension of your trousers, so as to create an aesthetic silhouette complimenting your attire, which is why tradintionalists say your socks should match your trousers, rather than your shoes. However, if you want to play a little, don a pair of colourful, bold socks, to create a statement. The only thing to keep in mind is that the rule of opposites applies when it comes to socks, so the likes of polka dot, argyle, and checkered socks are best paired with solid suits, while solid socks are your go to when donning plaid or other patterned suits. Check out our article on 5 online sock stores that will help you make a bold statement.
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4. Statement cufflinks
Subtle and sophisticated, cufflinks not only accentuate your entire look, but also make you look immensely dapper and smooth. They’re a great accessory that let you showcase your personality, However, it’s important to remember that less is more, so chunky, big cufflinks can look ostentatious. Keep it understated to showcase your power and sophistication. Cufflinks can also be investment pieces that you can pass on as heirlooms. Intrigued? Check our article on seven pieces that are heirlooms for your cuffs!
Photograph: krisken9/Flickr

5. Belt

Many men make the mistake of not investing in a good belt, choosing simply to go with the age-old plain black or plain brown, playing it safe or treating it as a utility item. However, when wearing a suit, or even a shirt that is tucked in, it’s your belt that makes all the difference in creating a snazzy look. Pairing solid coloured shirts with textured belts including braided or embossed ones can add a much needed break to an otherwise lacklustre formal ensemble. The rule of opposites applies once again when it comes to patterned shirts and plain belts, or vice versa. And last but not the least, the cardinal rule of belts and shoes—your belt should, without exception, match your shoes.
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6. Pocket square
These are one of the most versatile accessories that add an element of fun and charisma to your look, while oozing sophistication. The thing about pocket squares is that they should not match the colour of your tie, but rather, compliment it. As such, going for contrasting colour combinations like a red or pink pocket square with a blue tie can work wonders in injecting a dash of colour into your attire. Additionally, the vast number of ways in which a pocket square can be folded lets you choose the one that is just right for you, as well as for the occasion. Check out our guide on how to rock a pocket square.
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7. Suspenders
The number one rule of wearing suspenders is that you either sport a belt or suspenders, but never both. The great part about suspenders is that they can go a long way in adding that unique touch to your attire that makes you stand out. Mixing and matching a snazzy pair of suspenders with your suit not only makes you look smart and classy, but it shows off your sophistication and adventurous side too!
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8. Elegant wristwatch
Like neckwear, a wristwatch is an essential and crucial part of your attire when it comes to wearing a suit. The right kind of watch can really make your outfit shine, while attesting to your excellent style sense. Contrary to popular notion, it isn’t necessary for you to fork out an arm and a leg while selecting a watch, rather, it’s a time-proven and excellent practice to choose a timepiece that is subtle in its appeal, yet elegant and charming. Stainless steel bands with black, white or blue dials are the classics, but you can always experiment to showcase your personality. 

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