8 habits to adopt from highly motivated and successful people

Boost your career and personal life by incorporating these habits into your daily life. By Satyaki Sarkar

When we think of some of the most successful people in the world, we are instantly filled with a sense of awe and wonder. It might seem like an impossible task for us to be able to achieve the heights they have, while also inspiring others, paying attention to detail and all the while exuding confidence…but it actually isn’t. People don’t become successful overnight, nor are they born. It’s through their daily habits and efforts that they improve themselves and their situation to achieve success. Here are some of those key habits that you can adopt to make your mark.

1. Meditate
This one might seem obvious and a lot of people scoff at it, but meditation is one of the most helpful habits that people use to maintain themselves in a sea of chaos perpetuated by immense stress and work pressure, with personal obligations adding to the mix. Insecurity and confusion is not only a mental drawback, but it seeps out, manifesting itself in a number of ways. Meditation, in this case, helps you drown out the noise, and focus on what is important, while retaining your composure and calm.

2. Learn something new every day
There’s a saying that there is no end to learning, as the more knowledge you gain, the more you discover you have left to learn. So make a habit of learning something new every day, however small it might be; it is one of the best practices to follow. You never know when it could come in handy. Listen to an audio book, read something interesting online or even take up a class to learn a new skill set. Incorporate this into your daily routine and watch your horizons widen.

3. Teach, pass on your knowledge
Knowledge once gained is not meant to be stored away in the confines of your mind, but rather should be shared with others. Take up some form of teaching; whether its as a guest lecturer at an education institute or as a mentor to someone junior. Pass on the lessons you’ve learnt to the next generation to help them as well as sharpen your own mind. These interactions benefit both parties; its an opportunity to you to expand your network, have a ear to the ground, learn something new, and develop your mentoring skills.

4. Exercise regularly
While common knowledge, most people still skip this one. Exercising regularly is not only helpful in keeping you physically healthy and active, but helps you unwind and de-stress, sharpen your mind, and helps boost confidence and self-esteem. If time is a constraint there are still ways you can include exercise as a part of your daily routine. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a trek on the weekend, play a game of cricket or football with your friends/colleagues.

5. Get proper sleep
A common mistake that many people make is sacrificing sleep to increase productivity. While it might be helpful in the short run to squeeze out that extra hour from your day, it will eventually take its toll on your body and mind, as well as weaken your immune system. A well-rested brain is not only sharper and more productive, but it also lifts up your mood, builds confidence, and allows you to find solutions to problems faster.

6. Volunteer and give back
In the rush for achievement and success, we often tend to overlook a lot in life. Volunteering for something that you believe in, and making an effort to give back, be it to society or in some way to your family and friends, is a habit that helps you stay in touch with yourself and retain your composure, as well as solidify personal and professional relationships, while building goodwill.

7. Socialise with peers
Social gatherings and parties might seem trivial and unimportant in comparison to dedicating the time to your work, but that is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Socialising with your peers and friends is not just a way of maintaining relationships, but it also exposes you to new ideas, thoughts, and views that you would have never come across otherwise. Talking to your contemporaries can not only help you gain an unimaginable amount of knowledge, but also completely change your views about certain things, as well as open your eyes to solutions to problems which might have been hiding in plain sight till then.

8. Be curious and ask questions
Unless you ask questions, you will never be able to know the reasons why. A lot of people still avoid being curious as a way of avoiding conflict. However, in a workplace environment it is only by questioning others and asking why that you get noticed and grow. Additionally, leaders always look for the ones who are the most inquisitive and curious, as it is a sign of the person being involved, invested, and interested in his work, as opposed to treating it simply as something he has to do. 

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