7 ways to beat stress

Subramanian Chittur, Head Information Systems, Metro Cash and Carry India Pvt Ltd, suggests some helpful stress-busting tips. By Pooja Paryani

In his 30 years in the IT industry, Subramanian Chittur, popularly known as Subra, has seen the industry grow in leaps and bounds. The role of IT and the CIO in the business is steadly expanding, and that brings with it it’s own stresses and advantages. Dealing with a generation that is almost born mobile-first and constantly demanding ugrades is no easy task. A CIO’s role has become more demanding and that means an increase in work stress. A veteran in the field, Subramanian suggests a few ways you can relieve stress and find some inner peace.

“Whenever you are stressed you should find a way to distract yourself from it,” says Subramanian. “There are various ways to do that, so find what works for you. Connect, disconnect and forget is the basic mantra. Life will have several ups and downs; it’s up to you to not let the bad moments affect you. It is human tendency to forget the pleasant moments faster than the unpleasant moments. But this generates negativity. So remember to let go of the unpleasant stuff, keep the faith and keep moving forward. Be full of energy and you will never lose.”

1. Find a way to still your mind
“Music relieves my stress and recharges the batteries of my mind. So I indulge in that. I go for a walk in the night sometimes after 11 pm as it makes me calm and peaceful. Sometimes I just sit outside on the balcony, look at the world and feel the stillness and let it sooth me. It is a great feeling to feel the silence of the world and it indirectly settles my mind. So find ways to slow down and move towards peace. Sit near the seashore, the sound of the water is very calming, or listen to music that moves you. Search for the feel-good factor. And make it a point to have a good night’s sleep. You will feel refreshed and recharged in the morning!”

2. Spend time with children
“When you are with kids, you realise that you can truly be yourself. They do not judge for what you are or what you have been. They are very pure at heart; they have no ill feelings and no self-serving reason to be with you. Your designation is of no use to them. You can be yourself and even childlike with them. So I try to spend time with kids, play with them, listen to their stories. You can bond with any kids, what matters is the time you spend with them. Kids help me forget my problems; I forget myself when I’m with them. I just become a kid myself and enjoy the time together, which is full of life.”

3. Play a sport
“Whenever I feel stressed, I hit the court and play basketball. I visualise all the stress is in the ball and when I throw it I’m throwing all the stress away. Then it goes through the basket and comes out fresh and with a clean slate. While I’m playing I also shed calories and release stress. It makes me feel very light in body and mind. You mind is focussed on the game, the ball and the opponents; it forgets everything else. I feel very energetic after I am done with playing.”

4. Read books
“If I’m not going out, I will sit at home, pick up a book and read a bit. It distracts my mind and I enter the life in the book. I enjoy that transition from real life to book story life. I read spiritual, inspirational books that lift my spirits and help me come out of stressful situations. They help re-emphasise the thinking process and take you in another direction.”

5. Escape into movies
“Watching late night movies is another activity that distracts my mind. I enjoy Hollywood action movies and watch Bollywood and Tamil movies for comedy and fun. Movies make you forget reality and draw you into the feel life. You enjoy being part of the imaginary world of these fictional characters.”

6. Take up cooking as a stress buster
“When I feel low, I go in the kitchen and cook for myself. I put on music, and let the mood take me. I can cook north Indian and south Indian food, and really enjoy cooking. Once cooking is done, I have a nice hot shower and it’s an amazing feeling. You are in a nirvana like state—food, music and a hot shower makes you completely at peace.”

7. Share your pain
“Yes, you can do activities to forget the pain, but sometimes letting it out is also important. You should always share your problems with a person whom you trust. If it is a professional problem you can share with your office group. If it’s a personal issue share it with someone close. When you share a problem with someone else you get a different perspective and maybe even a solution. Your close ones can also give you emotional support and help you face the problem. Your heart will feel lighter once you’ve shared, it won’t seem that big a problem, and you can try to accept it. Life is full of ups and downs, how you handle both of them will define your life.” 

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