7 types of coffee drinks explained

Our definitive guide to your favourite caffeinated drink so you never run out of options! By Satyaki Sarkar

Someone once said that the world is divided into two different kinds of people—those who love coffee and those who don’t. While we wholeheartedly agree with the statement, most coffee drinkers’ knowledge about the drink only extends to three or four different kinds. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you explore caffeine land.


1. Espresso and Double Espresso
The foundation of every kind of coffee drink, the espresso is also a drink in itself. An espresso, also known as short black, consists of only a shot of espresso in a coffee cup, and is one of the strongest coffee drinks in existence. Espresso lovers swear by this dark brown nectar and often look down on those who dilute it with milk. Then there’s the Doppio, a double espresso that is just that, two shots of espresso in a cup.
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2. Short Macchiato and Long Macchiato
The only difference between an espresso and a short macchiato is that for the latter a dollop of steamed milk and foam is placed on top of the drink to balance the harsh taste of the coffee. The most noticeable thing about a short macchiato is that it has three different coloured layers. While the bottom layer is dark, being the actual espresso shot, the middle layer is lighter as that’s where the espresso and milk mix, and finally, the foamy top layer, consisting predominantly of steamed milk. The long macchiato is exactly the same as its shorter cousin, except it’s made with a double shot of espresso. The trick to making a perfect long macchiato is to place the dollop of steamed milk and foam right on top of the espresso and then slowly swirl the cup a couple of times to let the milk and espresso mix.
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3. Long Black
Another name for the long black is Americano, owing to its popularity in America. It is made by filtering water onto a shot of espresso. One shot of espresso is combined with a cup filled two-thirds with hot water. This lets people enjoy the rich bold flavour of an espresso but at a reduced strength.
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4. Café Latte
Probably the most popular form of coffee in the entire world, a café latte, commonly shortened to latte, is made with steamed milk and micro-foam. Much sweeter in comparison to a regular espresso, it is made by adding steamed milk to a glass containing an extracted shot of espresso, before being topped off with 1 cm of micro-foam.
Photograph: The Opoponax/Flickr


5. Cappuccino
Another extremely popular caffeine beverage, a cappuccino differs from a latte because of the additional foam and chocolate added on top of the drink. It is made by first extracting a shot of espresso into a cup to which steamed milk is added. After that, around 2-3 cm of micro-foam is placed on top, and a generous serving of powdered chocolate is sprinkled as the final flourish.


6. Mocha
Mocha is like a hybrid between a cappuccino and a hot chocolate, which makes it quite popular. It is made by extracting a shot of espresso, to which a spoonful of chocolate powder is added and mixed. It’s then time for some steamed milk, which is topped off with roughly 2-3 cm of micro-foam. Chocolate powder is then dusted on top of the finished drink.
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7. Affogato
An affogato is a dessert coffee that is perfect for warm summer days, especially after dinner. In order to make this delightful drink, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream is placed in a tumbler glass half filled with milk. A single or double shot of espresso is then poured over the vanilla ice cream. Sometimes, a shot of Frangelico liqueur is also added to the mix to give it a kick.
Photograph: Alexnieder19/Creative Commons 

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