7 Tips to boost productivity in the workplace

Use these simple but efficient strategies to get the most out of your workday.

1. Do the bigger tasks first
Start your day by doing that that demand the most creativity and mental heavy lifting. Your mind and body are at their peak in the morning, so it’s a great time to get these tasks done. You’re more likely to finish them quicker than if you were to do them later in the day when you’re already feeling fatigued.

2. Delegate, delegate, delegate
Many leaders are afraid of delegating as they think it will give them more to do because they’ll have to supervise what the other person is doing. That’s delegating done wrong. The key to delegating properly is to assign tasks to the right people. Choose people you know have the skills to get the job done. That way you won’t be micromanaging what they’re doing and will have more time to concentrate on your own tasks.

3. Keep track of time spent on tasks
You’ve got the determination to get to the end of your to-do list for the day. But are you able to accurately gauge the amount of time required to do those tasks? Often we send more time than necessary on smaller, not so crucial tasks. They might seem like small pockets of time in isolation, but put together they are quite sizeable. So it’s important you manage your time efficiently and limit time spent doing these smaller tasks. Set aside strict timelines for using replying to emails, social media, using apps, updating reports, etc.

4. Don’t get sucked into every single meeting
Time is valuable, which is why you cannot say yes to all meeting requests. You need to evaluate which ones are necessary/important and which ones are not worth your time. Often your presence really isn’t required, but you’re asked to come in because someone wants to play safe. Explain to your team that only those directly involved in the project should be part of the meeting. And they can send out notes after the meeting to those interested in knowing what transpired. Also, don’t call for meetings if the same goal can be accomplished via a conference call, group chat, etc.

5. Get away from your desk
Our sedentary lives, stuck behind a desk all day are playing havoc on our health. You’re more likely to gain weight, have increased cholesterol levels, and be at risk of heart attacks. Plus your energy levels dip the more stationary you are. So make it a point to step away from your desk every few hours. Walk to a colleague’s desk for chat instead of picking up the phone, have a meeting in another part of the office, conduct walking meetings, or just go for a walk around the block.

6. Make the most of your commute
Use those hours spent in travel to your advantage. Rather than giving in to frustration about the traffic, make use of the ‘bonus free time’ you have. Get your emails out of the way, catch up on networking, create to-do lists, prep for meetings, read up on the latest developments in your industry, download an app to learn a new skill…the list is endless!

7. Sleep well
Not getting quality shuteye can have a negative effect on your mental and physical well being, decreasing your concentration and other mental abilities leading to a drop in performance. There are more mistakes and you end up putting in more time at work to correct them. It ends up becoming a vicious cycle. The scary thing is it takes only one bad night to throw you off kilter. On an average, adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night. So make sure you give your body what it needs. Created a bedtime routine that helps you unwind and lulls you towards sleep. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, try these yoga asanas that are sure to help. 

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