7 reasons why you should spend more time with yourself

‘Me time’ is an important and undervalued habit that can help in maintaining emotional health, happiness, creativity, and much more. By Satyaki Sarkar

In our days are spent with colleagues, peers, subordinates, and clients, racking our collective brains looking after a critical business project or taking care of a problem. And once we get done with work and get home, whatever remaining time we have left we devote to our family. As a result, we find very little opportunity to spend time in our own company, away from the hustle and bustle. However, it’s important to set aside some time for yourself, to be in solitude as it’s crucial to not only our well being but also to success. Here are seven reasons why you should make ‘me time’ a habit.

1. You get a chance to recharge
No matter how much of an extrovert you might be, constantly being around people tends to work our brains to their maximum capacity. And unless you set aide some dedicated time to recuperate and reflect, in your own company, you won’t be working at full capacity. The peace and quiet that solitude offers helps you take a backseat from the stress and tension of everyday life, and recharge your physical and mental self.

2. It helps increase concentration
In the demanding work environment of the corporate world, people usually have no choice but to tackle a number of varying problems and obstacles all at once, interacting with several different people at a time. All of this means you need to take a break at regular intervals so that you aren’t exhausting your mind. Time spend away from all the distractions and chaos helps you calm yourself and clear your mind or troubles so that you come back more energised, of clear mind, and therefore with better focus. As a result your concentration increases and you are able to get more work down in a lot less time than you would have otherwise.

3. It lets you do what you want
When you’re interacting with other people you are constantly adjusting and adapting yourself, in some way or another, to their ideas and opinions, thereby compromising on what you would have liked to do instead. When you’re alone, however, you have the freedom to do whatever you want and how you want, be it taking up a hobby, trying a different approach to a problem, or experimenting with a thought or idea that others might not have found appropriate.

4. It encourages deep thinking
In the midst of our countless responsibilities, obligations, and duties, we hardly get the chance to actually contemplate something in depth. As a result, sometimes, even comparatively obvious solutions elude us, and we end up feeling frustrated. When you’re alone, however, you can pore over a problem without external factors distracting you, analyse it from several angles, and come up with innovative solutions and ideas, fuelled by the increase in creativity.

5. It increases emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is critical to understanding your own emotions as well as others’, and using that awareness to properly handle interpersonal relationships. Research has shown that the majority of top performers and successful people possess a very high degree of emotional intelligence. Thus, in order to develop your emotional quotient, or EQ, you need to set aside time to be spent alone, to reflect on your behaviour and understand better how your emotions affect you and as well as others.

6. It improves self-esteem
If you are able to enjoy your own company, without needing a distraction or other people, you gain a reaffirmed sense of self, and it reinforces your love/happiness with yourself. As a result it makes you comfortable in your skin, making you confident and feel in control and able to handle difficult situations.

7. It improves your relationships with others
In the constant frenzied routine that we live in, we very rarely get a chance to realise the importance of the people around us and the role that they play in our lives. During your alone ‘me-time’ you get a chance to reflect on that, giving you a comprehensive overview of their contributions and how instrumental they have been to your success. As a result, you discover a newfound appreciation for them and all that they have done, which helps improve your relationship with them.

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