7 reasons why Selvan Mohan wants you to try Reiki

Selvan Mohan, AVP-IT, IndiaNivesh Securities Pvt Ltd, explains the benefits of the healing art of Reiki. By Pooja Paryani

With over 20 years experience in the IT field, of which more than 10 have been spent in the BFSI space, Selvan Mohan is no stranger to high levels of stress and accompanying health issues. Currently the AVP-IT at IndiaNivesh Securities Pvt Ltd, Selvan has found an offbeat path to tackle the daily rigours of life in a capital market—Reiki.

Reiki is an alternative healing technique that uses positive energy to activate a person’s natural healing processes to restore physical and emotional health. A therapist channels this energy into a person through touch. “A while ago, my wife was unwell and got herself treated with the help of Reiki,” says Selvan. “She was so impressed that she went for Reiki training and started healing others. This spurred me towards Reiki as well. I started learning it two years ago, but haven’t practised on anyone yet. I’m also learning the art of meditation which is a part of Reiki.”

“Once you’ve attained the meditation level, the healing level follows. As part of this you have to do certain visualisation exercises; for example we have to tell ourselves ‘I will live with an attitude of gratitude’, ‘I will not get angry today’, ‘I will do my work honestly’, etc. These visualisations help us reaffirm these thoughts. Someone who practises Reiki has to be a vegetarian, or will turn vegetarian as the art of Reiki believes in not harming anyone. You can use Reiki to keep yourself away from all diseases; you don’t have to plan to heal others.”

Here Selvan tells us how Reiki has benefitted his life.
1. Anger no longer controls you
“The meditation I do in Reiki has helped me control my anger. Reiki has a way to go into meditation, where you concentrate on every part of your body and work on it. Your mind has to target a particular point, so you learn to control your anger.”

2 .You can manage stress better
“My responsibilities at work are stress inducing. This is a capital market, which means there’s more stress accompanying my work. After working on my mind through Reiki, I’ve learnt how to halt to my stressful thoughts and control my stress. I’ve been effectively controlling my stress levels since I started practising meditation in Reiki. I now concentrate more on how to improve things at work rather than worrying about what went wrong.”

3. You learn to respect all the living beings
“In Reiki, we are taught to respect al the living beings, from animals, birds, trees to human beings and everything that has life. Earlier, I never used to consider animals or sympathise with them, but now I have developed a soft corner for them. I now do things for the animals in my area; I provide them food and shelter, etc.”

4. It helps you appreciate the world around you
“This is an important lesson I’ve learnt from Reiki— to be grateful for the power to heal ourselves and others through Reiki. It generates a very powerful energy around us and gives you certain powers. You also have to be grateful to everyone around you for doing things for you or for just being there with you. God has to be thanked for all the blessings given.”

5. You can heal yourself and others
“Your health is greatly affected by the practise of Reiki. With Reiki I have been able to heal myself and control my diabetes, I have healed myself from all the other issues as well. With Reiki, you get a chance to heal others as well. If you practice well you can reach a level of healing where you can heal someone by touching their palm. There is a method to it, and a mantra that is chanted in your mind, which is not disclosed to anyone. With Reiki, even a surgery is possible; it’s ‘psychic surgery’ and is done by a group of masters in Reiki.”

6. It improves your decision making power
“As I have been able to control all my emotions well, my decision making power has also improved. My decisions are now more firm and efficient because of my clarity of mind. Having powerful decision making tools not only benefits you at work but also in your personal life.”

7. It’s a way to give back to society
“Reiki is a way to spirituality. You connected to the Almighty through this art. Meditation, healing, serving others, loving and respecting all the living beings helps you on this path to spirituality. When you reach the healing level, you can help people and serve society. It is a proud moment to be able to relieve someone from their issues. With Reiki you can cleanse someone’s aura by getting rid of negatives vibes, and you can make them positive with your positivity.” 

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